Wednesday, 29 July 2009

'tis amazing what one learns in a day

today has been rather enlightening for me today, i mean in all fairness, i started off being grouchy, feeling absolutely terrible for no apparent reason and realising that i was once again stuck inside doing nothing. having said that, i did manage to clear alot of my room and throw alot of junk out and finally tidy it ! now i can happily roll over and fall down the gap at the side of my bed, opposed to before when i would be cushioned by a pile of cuddly toys and old school books.
so yes, there's a few good things that i've managed to learn about that i thought i'd share with you for no apparent reason apart from i'm bored and thought i should try and be happy in a post :D

1.) looking hypnotically at a wonderfully bright star at 2am does not actually make me want to sleep, it just provokes many deep thoughts, which although philosophical are not ideal if i'm trying to lapse peacefully into unconsciousness.. but that tiny star made me smile, which takes alot recently tbh. even my darling dais couldn't manage a grin out of me earlier. hmm, i think i just contradicted myself by saying that it takes alot to make me smile when daisy is stupidly amusing and a star is just a star. maybe it was the simpleness of it that i liked (':

2.) after not talking to Robbie, and in fact Rhodri after ages, the pair of them do in fact still manage to like me, which is a tad of a surprise, but a nice one all the same. either means the pair of them are utterly derranged, or i'm not that forgettable :D preferably the latter to be honest. either way, nice to talk to the pair of them after ages.

3.) i can still manage to make a picture of my hair, cheek, and part of my eye look fairly good. well, i like to think again, it may just be a personal opinion and i prefer people to be brutally honest than sympathetic and lie. tell me your opinions my lovelies. and yes, i edited it because the original looked a tad dull without the whole cross processing fandango that i can do thanks to the many photo editing applications on my beloved ipod (':

4.) after several days of having my cartilage piercing, i still have next to no spacial awareness of it, or at least my comb doesn't, as every time i comb my hair to straighten it or sort my fringe out before i wash it, i still manage to catch it and wince. well i say wince, i generally scream which means my mom runs upstairs going, "what's wrong, what's wrong ?!?! are you dead ?! ROZZZZ what's wrong?!" hmm, interesting :D

5.) after sorting through the many cavities in my room, me and my mom hoard the most absurd junk. for one, i hoard old reciepts, cuddly toys, and bags. then my mom hoards shoes, scarves, and general wubbish. having sorted through the trash and thereby cleared most my room, i found it rather relaxing to be able to look round and see my carpet. not only that, but i can light my candles without fearing that my room's going to be set on fire if a candle has a spasm.

6.) the romans were especially retarded. this is because they thought an unpeeled broad bean looks like a certain part of a female's anatomy. i mean for the love of God, not that i'd know much about it, but you have to be really sad, bored, and sex obsessed to think of that. although having said that, i see many things that bear a resemblance to the male member *sniggers* yes, i'm childish sometimes. at one point when i went to play a football match against a team in Leicester, there was a board advertising a carpentry firm or something, and it said "fence erection" and i giggled like a girl xD

7.) no matter how much i pray and hope that tiscali will provide me with a fully working and reliable internet, i know it's just not going to happen. i have tried and epicly failed to load several images onto several of my blogs so many times it's fairly depressing now to be blunt. it's a nice surprise when, on the odd occassion, it actually works. in fact the last time it did, a fair while ago, i jumped up on my bed and did a little jig for the rest of my street to see. i must have looked hot dancing in my jammies with bed hair (':

and that's enough realisations for tonight, it's getting a tad monotonous i fear, and i'm kinda sleepy, although i have enough energy to text Cameron McD-B and Robbie. teeheeee ^.^

sleepy boos (:


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