Thursday, 23 July 2009

fuddly duddly humpty doo

i really have NO idea what's actually going on with the title to be frank.. my mind has been addled by coffee and going to bed about 4am last night, all thanks to Cameron A because he decided to keep me up, telling me just what he was going to do to ensure i was single when i'm 20.. fantastic. i'm either going to be covered in fish, or frozen :D doesn't that just sound mighty fine ? maybe if you're a mackral..
so yesss, this is effectively first thing in the morning for me today, 12:18 being the time.. in fact Cameron McD-B rang me at 11:41 but in my sleepy trance i was inable to pick up so he left me a rather cute voicemail (: i did actually try to ring him back but he never picked up -.- but bleh. he got a lovely little text instead (: well, i like to think it was. mmm, the life of a coffee addict, could things get any better ?!
well yess.. actually they can, as myself Daisy and Scott..


and yes, i cannot wait (: apart from, perhaps, the fact that i have to get up around half 5 to be able to get ready and look human and so forth.. oh dear god, i'll probably be leaving before my mom and she has to go to work.. what the heck is happening to the world ?! when i go to London it's usually at a cushy kinda time at half ten or something, but then again, it is usually solely by train but bleh. then again, it only takes about an hour. so midlands train are in fact amazing, virgin are slightly less reliable in my eyes.
ohhh i do love London.. it's so full of different people and different things and so many starbucks i could happily drive myself into debt by living in London and living entirely off starbucks. since i've been drinking coffee from the tender age of about 5, thanks to my darling granmapop, who unfortunately abandoned me before she was a hundred like she's promised )': i am now fairly immune to getting coffee highs, which i don't see as an overly bad thing to be fair. it just means that with red bull and similar junk, i don't go completely mad.

moving away from the coffee, i hardly need to rattle on about it as i have a lovely hot steaming cup of it balancing procariously on my bed, which i'm trying hard not to shake as i don't particuarly want to have it all over me. hmm, i fancy something healthy and nutritious to munch on.. coco pops ? nahh, that takes far too much effort. i'm thinking more nutri-grain bar. but i only have the apple ones left and i've run out of all my favourite toffee yoghurts :/

welcome to the life of a 16 year old female woman that desperately needs a job, and one where she gets paid. none of this namby pamby volunteer nonsense. she says although she's offered to volunteer in a bloody charity shop. smart one Rozz.. although having said that, it does look rather pleasant and very unretard prone. i don't particuarly want to get covered in dribble if i'm being asked something. if i wanted that, i would have gone to work in Wales where you need half a litre of phlem in your throat just to pronounce the place name..

having said that, i go to Wales a fair bit and my brother goes to uni there, so it's not really as bad as i make out with the phlem issue. and as far as i know, that is, where i go in wales, there is little evidence of mass sheep abusing. i think that happens further in land where they think they can hide and people cannot hear the cries of the poor sheep as they are thrown about like a toy.. that's a rather disgusting image and i think i need to cleanse my mind before spending all day with my favourite retards. bleh.

mmmm coffeeeee, and so much good music. Royworld is officially amazing, as is Hinder, Nickelback, Hoobastank, You me at Six, Linken Park.. i should just be an advert for amazing music. ooo, that reminds me actually, i might be able to go and see the Latitude festival. only problem being it might have been and gone and i really need to find out when it is.. otherwise i'm going to look like an utter twit.

right, i must amble and find my oyster card for the underground. it has to be in my room, or at least house, somewhere..
only problem being, it's the somewhere i'm afraid of.
it could be anywhere, my dogs could have eaten it, or my horse could have eaten it, or some form of pelican could have flown into my house through the door and taken it away because they thought it was an uber nutritious ryvita..


toodley pop


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