Sunday, 19 July 2009

ahaaaa inspiration ! it's in my other blog..

ahoyhoy campers :D
urm, i am slightly high off the fact that i thought i had no inspiration, yet thought i was obliged to write a post for one of my other blogs seeing as i neglected it yesterday, mainly because i had to dash on out to Daisy's, and when i came back tiscali was being an unreasonable and unadulterated bastard. anyway, yes. i was tapping away lethargically on a new post when suddenly i was hit with a saga on Joshua !
yes ! the raving, butch, woMAN. who i actually call a lesbo, has filled me with joy as i prattle on about his amazing female issues, and no, he has not got an inverted penis that means it's not a vagiana, or "love tunnel" as someone called it.. that made me giggle actually. and i'm not entirely sure if he HASN'T got an inverted penis as i've never witnessed such a horrific thing in all my time upon this Earth...
anyway, yes, i now call his woman issues a soap opera, because that's seriously what it's like. it's almost like the karma sutra where men pleasure about 17 girls at one time.. apparently.. although i think you will find that's impossible unless your like tripple jointed or have grown extra limbs..
but yeah, it's the whole, woman a. woman b. and woman x. and in my opinion, he should forget ALL of them and just be my sex slave for all eternity.
face it Joshua, when 30 comes, your not gonna be able to get enough.
failing that, 18.
although me and Tom have got a deal for when we're 17 and a half..
not too sure if that's actually going to stand though, we do go through terrifyingly long phases where we just don't talk. last night when i was locked outside my own home after a delicious meal of Indians and drag queen craze, or in other words, watched Precilla, and a rendez vous with Daisy and Scott round Daisy's house where i got attacked by her insane but gorgeous spaniels, i was locked outside my humble abode, dying for the toilet, freezing, and hallucinating, was the first time in ages that he rang me.
it was odd, but really nice (: i mean, i think he thinks i'm an absolute freak and utter tard rolled into one big messy, disgusting looking ball, but it was really nice to talk to him like the raging idiot i am again :D
and yes, i did talk about weeing through the letterbox.
and my mother finally DID show up and only partially paralitic.. i felt quie proud of the old bean (:
it was actually my "fathers" fault that she took forever to get home to let me in and use the latrine, because he hates everything about me, and just, well.. me. so he was naturally going to make me suffer, and he was driving my mom back, so she could hardly do anything about it :\
but bleh.
i survived, i'm here typing on my laptop, which really needs a dust and i need to prise all the junk that's gathered on it off. especially between the keys.. it looks like a dust mites ideal breeding ground between the 4 and F4 keys.
in all honesty, i'm shocked my internet's actually working, last night i came to accept that it had finally completely died and that tiscali was refusing me even a quick 5 minutes of sanctity from the reality of my faimly. but no, i turned my laptop on and low and behold... I HAVE INTERNET xD
of course, it's not entirely reliable, but then again, not many things are these days, i think you just have to go WITH it. and with my internet down, it gave me time to finish off a book, which i was thoroughly pleased at the ending, and no, it wasn't Jane Eyre. i'm still on page 43 and i've been at it for about 2 weeks, that's how much i hate the darn thing. it also meant i could natter to Joshua on the phone and text my ex, Cameron, he is my ex, but i generally think of my major ex as Sebastian to be fair. i don't think about a week is much of a comparison to about 2 months.. all be it with a 2 week break on the middle because the prat dumped me and i was foolish enough to go back out with him, although i don't regret it (:

anywhoooo, i guess i had better say aloha to my grandypops.
he's italian :D which makes me a quarter italian.. sexy ? don't i know it :D now i just have to get the body of a sexy woman.. darn :/
ciao (:


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