Friday, 31 July 2009

Cameron McDougal-Brownhill

Deserves a medal.


Thursday, 30 July 2009

la di daaaaa

haaaa, i love mock the week (': 'tis such larks.. hmm, i fancy being positive and happy in this post to make a change from my current state, of which my frame of mind is being a tad pessamistic, doubtful, and generally moochy. not good. so i'm aiming for a more chirpy attitude and hopefully achieve a more witty and amusing post while being realistic and now i should just shut up.

ohh this is a really nice song actually (: Joshua Radin - the one you knew. i must thank Joshuaaa my lesbo (who is talking to me again xD *does a little jog*) for ordering me to listen to it.. 'tis niiiiiiice. and now i'm staring hypnotically at the moon. like i have been doing at the lone, uber bright star for the last couple of days. it's quite nice to focus on something so simple and stunning. i feel philosophical thoughts coming on.. arwh, my lopsided smile thing is rather sweet i reckon. i could be wrong, but i like it (':

aaannnddd now i'm back to watching a not - yet - developed Harry Potter, a frizzy Hermione Granger and a gormless looking Ron Weasely in the first Harry Potter film. how sweet. byebye philosophy.. HAA ! how ironic that it's called the philosopher's stone ^.^ easily amused is the best way to be methinks :D

hmm, i really would love a window seat to be installed in my bay window.. i have an image of me sitting there gazing pensively out the window.. i look rather pretty in my mind.. in reality, i may not look as good but bleh. who's going to see me there anyway ?! 'tis my room and mine only. my mom has learnt to knock before she enters my boudouir.. i trained her well.. i love her alot though (': me and my mommy freak go well together. as mother and daughter. nothing else.. OBVIOUSLY. urghhh, psychoville moment. ew.

talking of psychoville, the last episode is on toniiight. and although it's on at 10, i need to wait until about 11 until i can watch it, as mom hogs the TV at 10 for the news. fair enough she wants to keep up with what's going on in the world. but it's so uber depressing ! and it's almost always the same thing anyway. i may see if i can persuade her to take a break. urm, i have 5 minutes in which to do so. i think i won't waste my time y'know. i might just smile and grow fat on coffee and jaffa cakes and be happy that i've spoken to Joshua and Cameron McD-B. and Tom for that matter as well. i missed the ninja baby wanting tard (':

Joseph Arther - into the sun

s'a good song (: courtesy of Joshua. again... he seems to be trying to make up for being busy by lobbing me with decent songs. i'm not complaining though. although it's distracting me from cleaning my piercing. damn, i keep forgetting and i can't afford for it to go gammy :\ i have sensitive skin as it is -.-

i may just have to continue watching the appalling acting of Daniel Ratcliff and feel my legs go numb because of the rediculous position in which i always sit. i never learn !!!

mmm coffeeee.. i'm so glad my addiction to it has returned completely. i missed not adoring the naughty bean. hmm, coco rocks. i really shouldn't.. but they taste so good ! but i've been munching them all day.. bugger it :\

OMG !!

i love my mom ^.^
she's relented and waved tatty bye to uber depressing news for tonight and let me watch the finale of Psychoville (': i love her i love her i love her (': i'm going to go and be deeply disturbed by the twisted, intriguing, psychologically scarring programe :D i'm feeling so terribly cheerful xD



Wednesday, 29 July 2009

'tis amazing what one learns in a day

today has been rather enlightening for me today, i mean in all fairness, i started off being grouchy, feeling absolutely terrible for no apparent reason and realising that i was once again stuck inside doing nothing. having said that, i did manage to clear alot of my room and throw alot of junk out and finally tidy it ! now i can happily roll over and fall down the gap at the side of my bed, opposed to before when i would be cushioned by a pile of cuddly toys and old school books.
so yes, there's a few good things that i've managed to learn about that i thought i'd share with you for no apparent reason apart from i'm bored and thought i should try and be happy in a post :D

1.) looking hypnotically at a wonderfully bright star at 2am does not actually make me want to sleep, it just provokes many deep thoughts, which although philosophical are not ideal if i'm trying to lapse peacefully into unconsciousness.. but that tiny star made me smile, which takes alot recently tbh. even my darling dais couldn't manage a grin out of me earlier. hmm, i think i just contradicted myself by saying that it takes alot to make me smile when daisy is stupidly amusing and a star is just a star. maybe it was the simpleness of it that i liked (':

2.) after not talking to Robbie, and in fact Rhodri after ages, the pair of them do in fact still manage to like me, which is a tad of a surprise, but a nice one all the same. either means the pair of them are utterly derranged, or i'm not that forgettable :D preferably the latter to be honest. either way, nice to talk to the pair of them after ages.

3.) i can still manage to make a picture of my hair, cheek, and part of my eye look fairly good. well, i like to think again, it may just be a personal opinion and i prefer people to be brutally honest than sympathetic and lie. tell me your opinions my lovelies. and yes, i edited it because the original looked a tad dull without the whole cross processing fandango that i can do thanks to the many photo editing applications on my beloved ipod (':

4.) after several days of having my cartilage piercing, i still have next to no spacial awareness of it, or at least my comb doesn't, as every time i comb my hair to straighten it or sort my fringe out before i wash it, i still manage to catch it and wince. well i say wince, i generally scream which means my mom runs upstairs going, "what's wrong, what's wrong ?!?! are you dead ?! ROZZZZ what's wrong?!" hmm, interesting :D

5.) after sorting through the many cavities in my room, me and my mom hoard the most absurd junk. for one, i hoard old reciepts, cuddly toys, and bags. then my mom hoards shoes, scarves, and general wubbish. having sorted through the trash and thereby cleared most my room, i found it rather relaxing to be able to look round and see my carpet. not only that, but i can light my candles without fearing that my room's going to be set on fire if a candle has a spasm.

6.) the romans were especially retarded. this is because they thought an unpeeled broad bean looks like a certain part of a female's anatomy. i mean for the love of God, not that i'd know much about it, but you have to be really sad, bored, and sex obsessed to think of that. although having said that, i see many things that bear a resemblance to the male member *sniggers* yes, i'm childish sometimes. at one point when i went to play a football match against a team in Leicester, there was a board advertising a carpentry firm or something, and it said "fence erection" and i giggled like a girl xD

7.) no matter how much i pray and hope that tiscali will provide me with a fully working and reliable internet, i know it's just not going to happen. i have tried and epicly failed to load several images onto several of my blogs so many times it's fairly depressing now to be blunt. it's a nice surprise when, on the odd occassion, it actually works. in fact the last time it did, a fair while ago, i jumped up on my bed and did a little jig for the rest of my street to see. i must have looked hot dancing in my jammies with bed hair (':

and that's enough realisations for tonight, it's getting a tad monotonous i fear, and i'm kinda sleepy, although i have enough energy to text Cameron McD-B and Robbie. teeheeee ^.^

sleepy boos (:


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

i've been brought back to reality

today and yesterday have, admittedly not been the most enjoyable days of late. i'm worried that Joshua no longer wants to talk to me and although it's possibly paranoia, i still miss talking to him seeing as he's supposed to be one of my closest friends.. yesterday i got uber moochy actually, partly because of the whole Joshua fandango, and partly because Cameron McD-B got hung up on his mental image of himself and it made me sad to see him sad and to see him almost abuse himself :\t'was bad stuff to be frank.

today has been slightly better though, although Jodie bailed on me when we were supposed to be going out, and for the majority of the day i found myself doing big bog all. partly because my mom had gone out and i was tempted to loll in bed all day. lately i've been having alot of headaches and it brings me down a tad. to be honest the only reason i got up and actually did something was because i felt bad that mom was going to come back to me lying in bed, talking to some fool on msn.
so i eventually brought myself to sort out parts of my room and clear it up, and, in the absence of a workable vacuum, i ended up brushing my floor. just gets all the fluff and hair up. that sounds disgusting but i do have alot of very long hair, plus my dogs randomly amble upstairs and into my room half the time -.-

wowww.. there was a cute fly sitting on my knuckle just now ^.^ it was kinda sweet.. usually flies just irritate the hell out of me, as they appear to have no sense of direction, no spacial awareness, and all the observational skills of a brick.

but yesss, finally done something constructive this week other than sit around biting my nails wondering if my best friends actually still want to know me or attempting to start a book. yep, i'm sixteen and trying to write a book. it sounds a tad daft, but i really do adore writing, and most people seem to enjoy my obscure blogs, so surely a book is the next step ?

good news with my new piercing though :} finally told my mom and showed her. she thinks it looks good actually which is always a good thing, and that the only thing she was worried about was me not looking after it probably. i love my darling mommy, she's awesome on toast is she :D and then she's happy with my ideas for room redecoration, and she doesn't mind me bumbling about London searching for starbucks, although i doubt i'll have to search much xD

wayyy, i should really have listened to my ipod more yesterday and today, it's more likely to make me smile or at least think vaguely positive (: oh dear, i've started talking about Hitler and his missing left testicle to Cameron A.. he does make me giggle a tad

tatty bye for t'niiiight


Sunday, 26 July 2009

my many minor addictions..

lately, i have reaslised that i have several minor addictions.. they're the things that i love and i can't help but love the smegging things to bits (': i'm not sure i could go without them really.. although some may require medical assistance to get off :\ but anyway, onward with the list quicksilver !

1.) coffeeeeee.
how could i not be addicted to the wonderful bean that is the coffee bean. my diet consists primarily of coffee, is that bad ? i don't actually think it's my fault that i'm slightly addicted to it, i blame it on my darling grandmaa, the lovely lady got me hooked on coffee just when i started school at about 4/5. years that is, not months. i think she thought it would be good for me to get myself through the educational system, little did she know that 11 years later, i would be a heavy addict and would do well to attend CAA. coffee addicts anonymous. however i don't think it's that serious and i'd only keep drinking it anyway. i think my grandma planned from my first cup of delicious coffee, that i would start my love affair with Starbucks. my lord, they are genius's. they make coffee with ice so you don't always have to have it hot ! they have vanilla coffee, caramel coffee, berry coffee ! it's the thing of my dreams. i would love to congratulate the people that invented all those coffee types. they're divine (':

2.) blogging.
ah, now this is a very bad obsession i think, i mean i love blogging as much as anyone, but my darling Daaaais gets a tad exasperated when she's trying to catch up on all my posts due to an extreme case of PMT where she actually managed to abuse her laptop and shoved it off her bed in a moment of extreme anger at the world. this broke the laptop, so she couldn't read mine. so she hardly gets chance to write her own because she's trying to catch up on mine. haaaaa, i feel evil but so good for doing that :D i do enjoy writing to my little blogs, no matter if people love them or hate them, it's my darling brain baby and i'm utterly proud of them (': i'm aware i rattle on about so much wubbish. but i enjoy it, and it means my fingers get alot of exercise, and it could prove beneficial for A level english and my desire to be a writer (: it may also help in history as i'll probably have to write a HECK of alot.. but yes. blogging, i love (':

3.) royworld.
in fact, not only do i have an addiction to this amazing band, i have a major addiction to music in general, it's something that doesn't judge you and something you can interpret in your own little way. it can help cheer me up and remind me of so many memories.. now i'm going all philosophical and not really in a good way.. damn. Royworld's album, man in the machine, is amazingly, the ONLY album i have ever loved every song on. and that's saying alot to be frank, 'cause i adore Hinder and You me at Six, yet i always find fault with some of their songs. 'tis terrible. i do tend to lean more towards the rock and indie side of music really, i find it more meaningful and so much more enjoyable. i hardly find hip hop, which is generally about, well, sex. enjoyable or any good. most of the music is actually computer generated, opposed to most rock and indie which is proper bands. i love them so darn much (': i need to go to a music festival methinks..

4.) photographs.
this summer especially i have been uber keen to photograph events with friends and me in general to be fair. good lord i sound so utterly vain, but i've been trying to embrace myself more lately, so y'know, it's theraputic.. HA ! ahem. but things like picnics and going out with people have become alot more memerable by taking reels of photos, proves alot of fun, especially when it comes to taking pictures of us jumping.. they always turn out fun :D although it takes about 20 tries before we get anywhere near a decent photo. but 'tis fun getting there (': good times. this is the reason why i need to get a decent camera, hence why i'm looking forward to getting my GCSE results for my payout from my mom and grandpops. hopefully i'll be able to afford the Blackberry curve which i'm lusting after (':

5.) chattingg.
as it is inevitable, i love a good natter, as many of my homies know. Joshua constantly gets my non stop rambles both on the phone, on msn and via text. Cameron A can hardly get me to shut up, Cameron McD-B gets exactly the same treatment and sees it when reading my blogs, Daaiissssssss experienced a good 2 years of my nonsense in both history and art lessons, our conversations still go on (': in fact, you can probably tell by the consistent lengthliness of my blog posts, i like to talk. alot. in fact, with Sebastin i used to be on the phone for 4 hours at a time almost every night, just talking about anything and everything. t'was good stuff to be frank, miss the times when i can do that :\ be on the phone for 4 hours i mean.. my minutes used to be gone in like a week. and considering i have 600 a month, it wasn't good. hopefully i can find someone i can talk to for hours on the phone again though, i do miss them (':

so that's the main 5 of my addictions.. i could probably go on all night, especially about texting or sleep or baths.. gosh i do love them, or pear cider, or walking or.. orr..ORRRRR.. yeah xD alot to be frank.. mmm i love many many things, 'tis all fun :D funnily enough though, shopping isn't one of my addictions..i don't mind it but i can always go without it. i usually have to anyway because i'm pooor ! and the country's economy is so utterly dire it's plain daft !
anyway, i have a headache so must hunt through my junk for my darling nurofen..

i adore my blog (':


Saturday, 25 July 2009

the adventuress that i haveee.

yesterday was indeed the day that myself, Daisy and Scott moseyed joyously to London. the most cosmopolitan city in the whole darn world. off did we trundle after struggling up at around 6, and therefore, as usual, i was late getting ready and so forth. but my mommy blessed me with a grand total of 100 quid. i felt so utterly rich.. it was such an immense sensation.. mmmmm.
so yes, we chugged to London part by car, then by overground which went underground. God i love those kinda lines (: they're funnn, it's like going to Hornchurch when we stay in London.. 'tis all dark then we surface like a mole into the big wide London like world :D anyway. so yes. we emerged from the smoke and random Londoners at Camden Town. my god that is the only place in the world where you can legally smoke so much crack. but it was utterly awesomeeee (: although i did bugger around for ages trying to decide whether or not to get the top of my ear pierced, which i eventually didn't. in Camden, we also found these really obscure doughnut type things that were long and straight and filled with chocolate and caramel.. utterly fatty but so delicious.. Daisy demonstrated how to eat it.. by deepthroating it, i shall put photographic evidence up when my internet allows.

so yes, Camden, town of drug addicts and utterly epic alternative produce. then down to the South bank and the Hayward art gallery.. practically ALL the exhibits included porn !! i mean seriously.. CHILDREN look at these you soul destroying, psychological scarring sadists ! it's hardly even art ! but the best exhibit was the last.. "you are a memberrrr" i'm sorry, but that chunk has to go in another blog. otherwise i will lose any inspiration i may have. so yes. intriguing and educational was the Hayward gallery..

then we bumbled down to an immense resaraunt before we went to see the show. and it was an utterly gorgeous restaraunt actually. very theatery and excentric and very awesome to be fair :D i loved our little boothy thing (: but dislike the fact that i was almost questioned as to if i should be having alcohol by the waiter. i'm 16 you inconsiderate snooty person. but yes, i did get some lovely lovely alcohol, although Daisy looked like the alchy (: then we got some cute pictures outside the restaraunt and i tripped over steps on the way to the theatre.
show was really good as well (: raving transvestites.. i love it xD and there was a manic dash to the loo as the second half started where i tripped over a load of people at the end of the line.. woops.. so all in all an utterly fantastic day in my opinion :D oh, and had a starbucks and watched a tramp die..he was actually sleeping.. not dying..

annnddd then today i did in fact get the cartilage at the top of my ear pierced ! it throbs a tad and i was being laughed at by Hinckley people oggling me outside clairs.. but bleh ! it looks hot :D although my mom doesn't know i got it done yet..i'm sure she'll love it. maybe..

anyway, i must write to my other blogs and pray a picture uploads to it :D i would loveee it if my internet could love me enough to allow it..



Thursday, 23 July 2009

it's amazing, it's genius ! it's COFFEEEE !!

i guess your initial thought to this is.. what the hell ? is she some kind of coffee crazed addict ? and the response to that would be. well. YES. i'm only really writing this, because being a size 12 and a fairly chunky one in my opinion, i tend to stress alot about my image. especially because i'm dumpy as well. it sucks to be meeeee. well only in body image actually, my wit is one of a kind xD

but yes, before i had actually put myself on a strict, no chocolate diet. it has actually been going fairly well, you can hardly count the coco pops polava chocolate, it's just not the same ! but anyway.. i have discovered a diet that is sooo much better and more reliable and one i'm on naturally anyway :D basically, you drink coffee.. alot. and then have the odd apple nutri grain bar. there is a reason for having the apple, the taste of it makes you feel so sick it doesn't make you want to eat anything else, all you want to do is have a drink, so either fruit juice or coffee i advise (:
please remember i am a heavy coffee addict.. so my choice of drink will usually be from a selection at Starbucks :D so if you ever want to take me on a date.. just remember the way to my heart is through coffee. pretty simple to be frank. well, coffee and hugs.. and kisses.. and being lovely. so you can't really be and absolute git. otherwise i really don't like you already :L

moving on from my beloved coffee, i'm talking to Jaaammessss on msn. i haven't talked to him for a while really, shame to be honest, i like talking to him (: especially as he's majorly complimentary, which i loveee, he's uber sweet, and lives in London which is always a bonus to be frank.. i don't talk to him just because of where he lives though, i assure you of that much. ahh he's so adorable (: the kinda guy you want to snuggle with really..

now.. what to wear for London tomorrow ? that is the question.. and i need to be ready to go at 7 :| that's 7 AM. i'm going to die. i can hardly get to sleep before 1am at the earliest these days... plus the new episode of psychoville is on and i need to watch that if my internet will permit *crosses fingers and toes* otherwise bbc iplayer takes an age to load and then it keeps stopping at random points and irritates me. actually, i managed to catch like a minute of it on TV when my mom was on the phone, kinda worrying actually.. Tealeaf kisses one of the siamese twins.. and Dawn French is ALIIIIIVE as Joy (: interesting, twisted junk i think you will find (:

hmm, it's not up now.. oh well (: means i can listen to my ipod for a bit longer and talk to James without getting frustrated at my appalling internet. i'm also in half a mind to light all my candles.. but i have some that i can't really put anywhere which i really want to light and not lighting them will spoil half the fun i fear :/ darn it. i might as well set fire to some of them regardless, they look pretty and calm me, as well as warm my freezing room up a bit (:

i think my internet might be dying again actually.. a song just failed to send to James.. not good. i might be able to get someone else hooked on Royworld. i have such a bad obsession !! i need therapy i tell you !! but first, i need to go to London and be happy (: right, music, coffee, and James. good evening so far, although major lack of Joshua the lesbian.. ):


it's all those small thingss..

it's not always the massive events, or the things most looked forward to that make you smile. it's not the complications or the most decorative things that makes me happy. it's the small things, the tiny, insignificant detail, the lyrics of a song, the joy you get from enjoying a gorgeous day.
it's the sweet texts i get from my best friends, the way my dogs bound through the long grass in my field after it's rained and come and jump up at me with tails wagging, it's the simple lyrics that sound from the most delicate songs, it's the events of a day with a close friend, or a picnic in summer and the photographs that make us giggle. it's the way i laugh at myself after doing something daft, it's the fact that i know who is there for me when i'm down, the way a flame delicately licks at the air, the soft heartbeat of a boy when i'm leaning on his chest, it's the satisfaction of clearing my room and seeing the carpet after several years of being covered.

it's all the small things that make me smile, and yet i don't often think about it. i only really started thinking about it when i was talking to Courtney about how she keeps texts from her boyfriend that she can't help but keep, that and when i saw my dogs similtaneously licking the kitchen floor, i realised how much i love the adorable maniacs. it's odd how i expect occassions as birthdays and christmas to be immensely enjoyable, yet inevitable, something happens to bring it down and i end up dissappointed. yet meeting up with a group of friends and going for a picnic going down the picnic exceeds my expectations and i still smile when i look at the photos.

i'm feeling pensive and deep today, well, i am right now, earlier i was more concerened about getting coffee into my system, how shallow. in fact i feel a tad sad that Joshua hasn't text me back to be truthful. i mean he's probably busy or with some friends or whatever, but i do miss the geek when he doesn't reply. and when he's down i hate it, i mean i hate it when any of my friends are down or upset or have been hurt, but with Joshua, he's such a lesbo it's impossible not to want to hug him and sit him down with popcorn and scrubs. with other friends, coffee or jelly beans are usually the answer. that and an uber long conversation about whatever, generally with Daisy we opt for brothel plans or relationships and our lack of. failing that it turns into plans for Camden :D

Royworld - Put on your brakes.
love. simply.

in fact now i'm not sure what to ask my mom for for my GCSE results. i'm still not sure if she wants to put some money towards an object of my choice or give me money, certain amounts for certain grades. and if that's the case, it means i'll have to draw up a price list.. hmmm. and if she wants to get me something, i'm deliberating between a bike or a decent camera. or a blackberry... that's an idea actually. but a camera would be awesome for all the memory snapshots. but a blackberry for the reason that my current phone is utter shite to put it plainly. i will never buy an LG ever again, hell will freeze over before i do. a bike would only be useful for excercise use, and i can always go running like a freak around the town. hmm.
ohh, and i've just remembered my grandypops has also decided to ploy me with the promise of money for my results, maybe i should name my price for that as well.. and he has a bet on. the bet being that i will do better than my brother has at GCSE. i think it's dispicable how family members try and make siblings majorly competative for the sake of a few quid. although it's evident i'm going to beat my brother. i'm a girl for a start !

so today i have had a very creative day :D found my oyster card after being a drip and ripping my room apart, i can't even remember what blog i put all that in to be frank, but bleh :D then i ripped my nails when i was cleaning some candle holder things, but they look good now, so i'm going to have no need for electric lights when all my candles are blazing. annddd i've been talking to Helen which is actually nice, seeing as the tart isn't going to 6th form ):

i'm surprised i'm still feeling all deep and meaningful.. it doesn't always last this long to be utterly frank. i think it has something to do with the fact i'm listening to the Royworld album, which i have to thank Cameron for introducing me to and sending me this complicated link thing to get it. and yes, it is my new obsession. Royworld that is, not Cameron.. he's lovely.. ish. but just not the same. he can't bring me the same joy that the music does. but maybe that's a good thing. if he was a song it would get annoying trying to talk to him.. he'd have to have a backing tune or a few musicions with him all the time. tad distracting..

anyway, i'm going to stop rattling on now (: i've kinda gone on a bit and about random stuff.. started out making sense and now even i'm confused. HA !



fuddly duddly humpty doo

i really have NO idea what's actually going on with the title to be frank.. my mind has been addled by coffee and going to bed about 4am last night, all thanks to Cameron A because he decided to keep me up, telling me just what he was going to do to ensure i was single when i'm 20.. fantastic. i'm either going to be covered in fish, or frozen :D doesn't that just sound mighty fine ? maybe if you're a mackral..
so yesss, this is effectively first thing in the morning for me today, 12:18 being the time.. in fact Cameron McD-B rang me at 11:41 but in my sleepy trance i was inable to pick up so he left me a rather cute voicemail (: i did actually try to ring him back but he never picked up -.- but bleh. he got a lovely little text instead (: well, i like to think it was. mmm, the life of a coffee addict, could things get any better ?!
well yess.. actually they can, as myself Daisy and Scott..


and yes, i cannot wait (: apart from, perhaps, the fact that i have to get up around half 5 to be able to get ready and look human and so forth.. oh dear god, i'll probably be leaving before my mom and she has to go to work.. what the heck is happening to the world ?! when i go to London it's usually at a cushy kinda time at half ten or something, but then again, it is usually solely by train but bleh. then again, it only takes about an hour. so midlands train are in fact amazing, virgin are slightly less reliable in my eyes.
ohhh i do love London.. it's so full of different people and different things and so many starbucks i could happily drive myself into debt by living in London and living entirely off starbucks. since i've been drinking coffee from the tender age of about 5, thanks to my darling granmapop, who unfortunately abandoned me before she was a hundred like she's promised )': i am now fairly immune to getting coffee highs, which i don't see as an overly bad thing to be fair. it just means that with red bull and similar junk, i don't go completely mad.

moving away from the coffee, i hardly need to rattle on about it as i have a lovely hot steaming cup of it balancing procariously on my bed, which i'm trying hard not to shake as i don't particuarly want to have it all over me. hmm, i fancy something healthy and nutritious to munch on.. coco pops ? nahh, that takes far too much effort. i'm thinking more nutri-grain bar. but i only have the apple ones left and i've run out of all my favourite toffee yoghurts :/

welcome to the life of a 16 year old female woman that desperately needs a job, and one where she gets paid. none of this namby pamby volunteer nonsense. she says although she's offered to volunteer in a bloody charity shop. smart one Rozz.. although having said that, it does look rather pleasant and very unretard prone. i don't particuarly want to get covered in dribble if i'm being asked something. if i wanted that, i would have gone to work in Wales where you need half a litre of phlem in your throat just to pronounce the place name..

having said that, i go to Wales a fair bit and my brother goes to uni there, so it's not really as bad as i make out with the phlem issue. and as far as i know, that is, where i go in wales, there is little evidence of mass sheep abusing. i think that happens further in land where they think they can hide and people cannot hear the cries of the poor sheep as they are thrown about like a toy.. that's a rather disgusting image and i think i need to cleanse my mind before spending all day with my favourite retards. bleh.

mmmm coffeeeee, and so much good music. Royworld is officially amazing, as is Hinder, Nickelback, Hoobastank, You me at Six, Linken Park.. i should just be an advert for amazing music. ooo, that reminds me actually, i might be able to go and see the Latitude festival. only problem being it might have been and gone and i really need to find out when it is.. otherwise i'm going to look like an utter twit.

right, i must amble and find my oyster card for the underground. it has to be in my room, or at least house, somewhere..
only problem being, it's the somewhere i'm afraid of.
it could be anywhere, my dogs could have eaten it, or my horse could have eaten it, or some form of pelican could have flown into my house through the door and taken it away because they thought it was an uber nutritious ryvita..


toodley pop


i feel like rocking out..

okay, when i started writing this originally, i felt like crying, but i decided to change it and be happy, mainly because i started listening to Nickelback. mmmm, believe it or not is an epic song. :D but yeah. i've decided that looking like utter crap today was just.. a day :D now i just have to worry about looking marginally human on friday when i mosey to London wth Daisy and Scott. my gosh i cannot wait to be frank, gets me away from Hinckley and the worrying pond life, and into the city of bright lights and amazing.. urm. stuff. i was trying to think of something good and i started to sound like an advert for a flipping holiday. not good. but yeah. London is soon to be hit by a whore, a raving gay and an utter turdy poop. the latter being Daisy :D
Camden is going to come to a standstill when us 3 pour out of the underground. i'm determined to get a bright green tutu and zebra print flouresant pink leggings xD i'm going to look uber fit, i can tell you.. although i don't think ANYTHING can beat this absolutely gorgeous and utterly arousing bright orange bra and knickers set that i found in asda. better than just normal orange, it was SHINY. and the bra was like a double E cup. my god i found it hilarious and sent a picture to Joshua. i think people in asda thought i was some kind of underwear pervert taking a photo of it though.. that or i was aiming to become a double E miraculously over night.. odd.
but then again that's Hinckley for you ! :D

and unfortunately my favourite lesbain Joshua has been a tad down lately ): and it's not good because i loveeee him and want him to be happy and and and oh my word it's 02:41. ahhh, but i want Joshua to be the typically, scaryily happy first thing in the morning, annoyingly sure of himself kinda lesboo.. but i'm not entirely sure how to make him happy apart from ploying him with alot of caramel frappachino's.. hmm. starbucks is the the shit :D

hrmm, i feel august is gonna require a mass cheering up thing for Joshua (: i'm thinkingg.. alot of hugs, starbucks, and acting like a drip.. so normal me :D and listening to absolutely awsome music, that is a must. that and laughing so hard i cry (:

right.. time for sleep i think.. now only 03:03 :L

pip pop


Monday, 20 July 2009

oh holy noooooo !!

oh my holy sugarlumps today has been a tad obscure. i actually did what i'd planned to do for once, which just involved me trecking all round town and round Burbage, in new shoes, so inevitably i have feet which ache and are covered in a variety of different blisters which are fairly painful, but the ones on my heels don't actually look like blisters :S 'tis odd. anyway, i hear you ask, why i was missioning round town, and it's because, like many 16 year olds, i am utterly broke. and are searching in vain to aquire a job. and not only am i trying to get a job i've decided to volunteer in a charity shop, inspired by my darling Daisy, but since she's told of the worrying occurances that happen in MIND, i refuse to go in there, and have opted for a much prettier and pleasenter place, that being the British Heart Foundation (: the people in there, although relatively aged, are lovely so if i get a place i'm sure it will be funnn.. hopefully. bearing in mind this IS Hinckley, and therefore it's inevitable that there's going to be some contact with pond life but bleh. it's the two years of A level i'm waiting for to pass, after that i can run away from here and be properly poor at uni :D
so yeah.. fun day.
oh my lordy loo.. this is bad. this is REALLY bad. there's this guy, we shall know him as J, who has just declared his undying love for me and is planning on marrying me.. he also gets INCREDIBLY pissed off when i refuse to believe i'm beautiful. is that such a crime ?! i'm hanging my head in shame at the thought of possibly being forced into marriage by him in 20 years time. can someone kill me right now ? please. i'll pay you ? i'm not feeling slightly down because of that though, thank God. if i was i would just be plain daft. there's always divorce.. or i could just say no. duh. nah, my minds wandered back over to a little place near Dover called Folkestone and to a certain guy that resides there. yep, Sebby boo is back and i'm a bit mizz. i'm sure one day i'll get over the idiot. i would rather like a nice little boyfriend, but i think i should wait. at least i'm happy being nice and moody in my room, mmmmm, candles. there's something entrancing about watching a flame dance around the wick and melting the wax untill it's a small pool in the glass. ahh (: i have also aquired a liking for a certain song which Cameron sent me yesterday, wrote a post about him in another blog. he's a tad odd yet seems to be the male equivalent of me.. odd. but anyway,
VV Brown - Shark in the water is an utterly amazing song (:
it feels so good to just sit and breathe. i know i sound odd but i reckon i should take up yoga.. yum, bendyy. it's supposed to be relaxing and very good exercise.. i see a plan forming :D hmm, i wonder if Joshua had a good birthday.. i thought he was going to ring me last night, i text him because he demanded i count down, bless him, then i didn't get a reply for ages. then he seemed off, then he decided to tell me he had his girlfriend round ! i mean for the love of technology, he should just have TOLD ME !! then it would have stopped me texting him before i carried on counting down for a whole hour >.<
MEN. they shall never learn i fear. well, at least, Joshua won't. he's part lesbian after all. i can't wait until i go to London in August actually, will be really good to see him :D and my moms all happy about it, and she's going to have one of her chums with her so it means she won't be questioning him 'till he's blue in the face :D and oh dear God i thought my curtain had caught on fire then.. i am such a piromaniac. i love my candles.. they are so entrancing :D right, i'm going to have to take this song off repeat, i'm driving myself insane.


Sunday, 19 July 2009

ahaaaa inspiration ! it's in my other blog..

ahoyhoy campers :D
urm, i am slightly high off the fact that i thought i had no inspiration, yet thought i was obliged to write a post for one of my other blogs seeing as i neglected it yesterday, mainly because i had to dash on out to Daisy's, and when i came back tiscali was being an unreasonable and unadulterated bastard. anyway, yes. i was tapping away lethargically on a new post when suddenly i was hit with a saga on Joshua !
yes ! the raving, butch, woMAN. who i actually call a lesbo, has filled me with joy as i prattle on about his amazing female issues, and no, he has not got an inverted penis that means it's not a vagiana, or "love tunnel" as someone called it.. that made me giggle actually. and i'm not entirely sure if he HASN'T got an inverted penis as i've never witnessed such a horrific thing in all my time upon this Earth...
anyway, yes, i now call his woman issues a soap opera, because that's seriously what it's like. it's almost like the karma sutra where men pleasure about 17 girls at one time.. apparently.. although i think you will find that's impossible unless your like tripple jointed or have grown extra limbs..
but yeah, it's the whole, woman a. woman b. and woman x. and in my opinion, he should forget ALL of them and just be my sex slave for all eternity.
face it Joshua, when 30 comes, your not gonna be able to get enough.
failing that, 18.
although me and Tom have got a deal for when we're 17 and a half..
not too sure if that's actually going to stand though, we do go through terrifyingly long phases where we just don't talk. last night when i was locked outside my own home after a delicious meal of Indians and drag queen craze, or in other words, watched Precilla, and a rendez vous with Daisy and Scott round Daisy's house where i got attacked by her insane but gorgeous spaniels, i was locked outside my humble abode, dying for the toilet, freezing, and hallucinating, was the first time in ages that he rang me.
it was odd, but really nice (: i mean, i think he thinks i'm an absolute freak and utter tard rolled into one big messy, disgusting looking ball, but it was really nice to talk to him like the raging idiot i am again :D
and yes, i did talk about weeing through the letterbox.
and my mother finally DID show up and only partially paralitic.. i felt quie proud of the old bean (:
it was actually my "fathers" fault that she took forever to get home to let me in and use the latrine, because he hates everything about me, and just, well.. me. so he was naturally going to make me suffer, and he was driving my mom back, so she could hardly do anything about it :\
but bleh.
i survived, i'm here typing on my laptop, which really needs a dust and i need to prise all the junk that's gathered on it off. especially between the keys.. it looks like a dust mites ideal breeding ground between the 4 and F4 keys.
in all honesty, i'm shocked my internet's actually working, last night i came to accept that it had finally completely died and that tiscali was refusing me even a quick 5 minutes of sanctity from the reality of my faimly. but no, i turned my laptop on and low and behold... I HAVE INTERNET xD
of course, it's not entirely reliable, but then again, not many things are these days, i think you just have to go WITH it. and with my internet down, it gave me time to finish off a book, which i was thoroughly pleased at the ending, and no, it wasn't Jane Eyre. i'm still on page 43 and i've been at it for about 2 weeks, that's how much i hate the darn thing. it also meant i could natter to Joshua on the phone and text my ex, Cameron, he is my ex, but i generally think of my major ex as Sebastian to be fair. i don't think about a week is much of a comparison to about 2 months.. all be it with a 2 week break on the middle because the prat dumped me and i was foolish enough to go back out with him, although i don't regret it (:

anywhoooo, i guess i had better say aloha to my grandypops.
he's italian :D which makes me a quarter italian.. sexy ? don't i know it :D now i just have to get the body of a sexy woman.. darn :/
ciao (:


Saturday, 18 July 2009

moseying around leicester

well today my lovelies, i actually ended up venturing round Leicester with my mom. which was a nice change, especially seeing as she has money, something i lack considerably, i need a job !!
the train journey in wasn't too fun though, mom decided to be a tad pessamistic and depressing, moaning about our family, my sarcasm.. British weather.. in the end i just kept my mouth shut and nodded along, wondering why God has cursed me with fat. i mean i love leicester, but the amount of skinny people there is utterly depressing for someone who is a size 12 and still fairly podgy. ie, me. and okay okay it's what's inside that counts, problem is, my inside is generally wondering if i can afford lypo and if it would hurt.. fashion doesn't exactly help either, the models look so unbelievably perfect, size 8, tall, they can pretty much get away with wearing anything and everything, it's not fair ! what's doubley annoying, is that i'm podgy yet most people have a bigger pair of nungas, and they're skinnier ! i have a feeling God desided to hate me for a laugh.
argh, sorry, i do tend to go on :\
but yeah, major sales on today (Y) which was good because it meant nice clothes for about a tenner, bad because it was manic, and it was impossible to try the stuff on unless you were willing to strip in the middle of the shop.. hmm, interesting. only decent things i've got from the sales are two jumpers for 6th form and a shirt. the shirt is a tad low, but JC is full of perverts anyway, low top or not. also got a pair of jeans from new look, slightly regretting my decision to get them now to be frank.. they're nice enough but i think i look a bit of a tard. but best thing, other than the starbucks i consumed, are some more schuh pump things. i have the same kind in white and with straps instead of laces, but i couldn't resist the black ones for only 20 quid !
ahh good times (: means me and mom will be living off ryvita and phili for about a month, but the shoes make it worth it (: and the bra.. yeahh i got a new bra, rather pretty in my opinion, but when i was looking through them in new look, i got a tad freaked out by an amoeba of leicester, he was just staring at me when i was hunting for my size, it was rather disturbing.
ha, train home was uneventful, but almost got killed getting back in the car, didn't notice there was a bus coming when i was about to open the door and slide in the car to trundle back home. then a car full of chavs went past and yelled abuse at me. hinckley is SUCH a pleasant area in which to live :|
and despite me being a mild social parasite, i have plans tonight ! well, again. :D my darling Daisy has invited me to hers with her besty Scott for Indian takeaway and films (: it works for meee, means i get to pick up some manga to see me through tomorrw, especially as i forgot to take the book last week because i'm a drip.. that and my mom was shouting down the phone at me that it was 11 o clock and it was raining and that she was cold, so to get in the smegging car so she could go home and get attacked by our dogs. in fact, when i was round Daisys, her adorable spaniel was lolling on the bed with us before i went, and even he tried to shove me off, adorable but so forceful !

right, if i'm going to mosey up to Daisys by walking i will have to leave you and try and turn my fringe into a presentable state, it has a habit of going curly when it's windy and i look and utter twerp. so tataa !
until next time mon amis (:


tangents maybe..

okay, so i posted a blog about an hour ago or something, but i felt it was utter drivvle, so i think i should post a proper one that's more.. well, me.
but thanks to my pathetic internet, it didn't let me go on the new post page for about 10 minutes. tiscali is an utterly crap service to be frank, the internet has never actually managed to stay up and working for 24 hours even once. i'm determined to make my brother switch our broadband to O2. not only do i have a decent contract with them, which they forgot about last month actually :D but then it means that my internet has a healthy chance of actually working and not being as slow as a snail drugged with sleeping pills and being humped by a frog due to the date rape drug.
so here i am at 02:17, catching up on Hotel Babylon on bbc iplayer, which is good, until my internet dies, in which case it refuses to do anything but make a pretty flower in the middle of the screen as it tries and fails to load. but bleh :D my life is going alright now actually.
granted, i'm still marginally hung up on an ex of mine, Sebastian, but the need to be with him is fading, it's a relief really, would be lovely to find a guy that is amazing at some point though (: would be nice to have a lovely boyfriend to sleep on again.. actually i never have slept on any boyfriend i ever had.. most i did was use him as a comfy cushion when i was watching a film.. good times. but yeah, my fringe has finally decided to agree with me and working in harmony, i've finished all my GCSE's which were a happy breeze and have at least 2 months extra summer holiday than most other people. i did find it fun to walk through my school when all the evil year 10s (next years 11s) were there trying to set fire to trees or slashing bike tyres or trying to have oral sex at the bottom of the school field.. unfortunately they seem very open to acts of public "affection". i'm all for kissing in public, as long as it doesn't get too heavy. but rolling around butt naked on the school field during the term, even when all year 11s have fled gleefully from JCC grounds. i have good memories of being in main school.. climbing out the art room window, art GCSE was an absolute joke, the teacher hated EVERYONE. no kidding. so if we all fair, it's all because the art teacher was incredibly prone to extreme PMT.
anyway, today i dared to venture into the depths of B&Q as well as moseying round Hinckley with one of my special besties, Daisy, god we had the best GCSE History lessons, i'm going to miss the tart when she goes to Lutterworth for A level because JCC, being as appalling as they are, didn't allow her to take her desired options. but yeah, i have finally managed to persuade my mom to let me redecorate my room, trust me, it needs it. the wallpaper hasn't been changed in the 30 years she's lived in our house. mine's especially awful, so Daisy agreed to amble round B&Q to try and find a selection of wallpapers that i might like, i found a few but not any that i like especially. i really wanted a kind of oriental blossom afair, simple but stunning. so i have finally resorted to hunting the internet and found some really beautiful wall tattoos. i reckon i should be an interior decorator, but i think a writer is slightly more appropriate. either that or a jewelwer.. major addiction to earrings. or a helicopter pilot.. i think it would be cool to fly (:

hrmm, GCSE history lessons.. god they were the stuff of legends. if you ever find stuff about Hitler's left testicle on wikipedia, we took advantage of that knowledge and tried so hard to infiltrate it into paper 1 of the history exam. the "we" would be myself and Daisy. we didn't half take the mick out of our teacher, Mrs Stefaniak to most people, Stefaniak babes to us. her hair seriously looks like she's lobbed a hibernating badger on her noggin. she provided so many good blog posts on another blog of mine.
so yes, the life of an english teenager who has a hint of italian in her blood (:
it's all interesting stuff, so keep reading (:


Friday, 17 July 2009

the first ramble.

ahoy, welcome to the life of a 16 year old, English teenager, Rosalynd Elizabeth Wilson.
otherwise known as Rozz or Rolo, i feel it's much more quirky and original (:
from this blog you have unfortunately stumbled on, you might get a pretty good idea of what a typical British teenager's life is like. well, the girl version anyway.
i'd rather not delve into the male psychi. it's rather disturbing to be frank.
especially as alot of guys these days seem to be chavs, which is an horrendous shame to be fair. some are rather dishy looking if it wasn't for the cloud of smoke, aroma of cat piss, or larger as it's called, and the major presence of trackies and bad language.
i like to think of myself as original yet not a complete.. odden..
i do tend to be typically sarcastic, as it comes with British people, well, i like to think it does anyway.. it come from a childhood of Blackadder and other incredibly witty stuff.
currently residing in Leicester, it's actually an alright kinda place, shame it's not near the sea, but it's fairly nice. lovely shopping facilities though, and amazing sushi bars.. they are officially amazing.
i have a range of friends.. the utterly obscure to the scarily normal, the social retards to the social royalty. i also have the odd internet person that i chat to, only one, Joshua, is really someone that i count as a real friend, people might think i'm stupid or naive for talking to someone who you met on the internet, but i am actually careful and not stupid.

anyway, enough of the internet drivvle, it's bad enough when my "father" decided to try and tell me not to talk to people on the internet, blah blah blah, LIKE I'M THICK :|

yeahh, i'm red haired and fairly short, i used to play football, and right now, i feel like a drip for trying to describe what i look like.
i'm going to carry on chatting on msn and watching hotel babylon, anndd i will put a proper post on here sooon.