Sunday, 26 July 2009

my many minor addictions..

lately, i have reaslised that i have several minor addictions.. they're the things that i love and i can't help but love the smegging things to bits (': i'm not sure i could go without them really.. although some may require medical assistance to get off :\ but anyway, onward with the list quicksilver !

1.) coffeeeeee.
how could i not be addicted to the wonderful bean that is the coffee bean. my diet consists primarily of coffee, is that bad ? i don't actually think it's my fault that i'm slightly addicted to it, i blame it on my darling grandmaa, the lovely lady got me hooked on coffee just when i started school at about 4/5. years that is, not months. i think she thought it would be good for me to get myself through the educational system, little did she know that 11 years later, i would be a heavy addict and would do well to attend CAA. coffee addicts anonymous. however i don't think it's that serious and i'd only keep drinking it anyway. i think my grandma planned from my first cup of delicious coffee, that i would start my love affair with Starbucks. my lord, they are genius's. they make coffee with ice so you don't always have to have it hot ! they have vanilla coffee, caramel coffee, berry coffee ! it's the thing of my dreams. i would love to congratulate the people that invented all those coffee types. they're divine (':

2.) blogging.
ah, now this is a very bad obsession i think, i mean i love blogging as much as anyone, but my darling Daaaais gets a tad exasperated when she's trying to catch up on all my posts due to an extreme case of PMT where she actually managed to abuse her laptop and shoved it off her bed in a moment of extreme anger at the world. this broke the laptop, so she couldn't read mine. so she hardly gets chance to write her own because she's trying to catch up on mine. haaaaa, i feel evil but so good for doing that :D i do enjoy writing to my little blogs, no matter if people love them or hate them, it's my darling brain baby and i'm utterly proud of them (': i'm aware i rattle on about so much wubbish. but i enjoy it, and it means my fingers get alot of exercise, and it could prove beneficial for A level english and my desire to be a writer (: it may also help in history as i'll probably have to write a HECK of alot.. but yes. blogging, i love (':

3.) royworld.
in fact, not only do i have an addiction to this amazing band, i have a major addiction to music in general, it's something that doesn't judge you and something you can interpret in your own little way. it can help cheer me up and remind me of so many memories.. now i'm going all philosophical and not really in a good way.. damn. Royworld's album, man in the machine, is amazingly, the ONLY album i have ever loved every song on. and that's saying alot to be frank, 'cause i adore Hinder and You me at Six, yet i always find fault with some of their songs. 'tis terrible. i do tend to lean more towards the rock and indie side of music really, i find it more meaningful and so much more enjoyable. i hardly find hip hop, which is generally about, well, sex. enjoyable or any good. most of the music is actually computer generated, opposed to most rock and indie which is proper bands. i love them so darn much (': i need to go to a music festival methinks..

4.) photographs.
this summer especially i have been uber keen to photograph events with friends and me in general to be fair. good lord i sound so utterly vain, but i've been trying to embrace myself more lately, so y'know, it's theraputic.. HA ! ahem. but things like picnics and going out with people have become alot more memerable by taking reels of photos, proves alot of fun, especially when it comes to taking pictures of us jumping.. they always turn out fun :D although it takes about 20 tries before we get anywhere near a decent photo. but 'tis fun getting there (': good times. this is the reason why i need to get a decent camera, hence why i'm looking forward to getting my GCSE results for my payout from my mom and grandpops. hopefully i'll be able to afford the Blackberry curve which i'm lusting after (':

5.) chattingg.
as it is inevitable, i love a good natter, as many of my homies know. Joshua constantly gets my non stop rambles both on the phone, on msn and via text. Cameron A can hardly get me to shut up, Cameron McD-B gets exactly the same treatment and sees it when reading my blogs, Daaiissssssss experienced a good 2 years of my nonsense in both history and art lessons, our conversations still go on (': in fact, you can probably tell by the consistent lengthliness of my blog posts, i like to talk. alot. in fact, with Sebastin i used to be on the phone for 4 hours at a time almost every night, just talking about anything and everything. t'was good stuff to be frank, miss the times when i can do that :\ be on the phone for 4 hours i mean.. my minutes used to be gone in like a week. and considering i have 600 a month, it wasn't good. hopefully i can find someone i can talk to for hours on the phone again though, i do miss them (':

so that's the main 5 of my addictions.. i could probably go on all night, especially about texting or sleep or baths.. gosh i do love them, or pear cider, or walking or.. orr..ORRRRR.. yeah xD alot to be frank.. mmm i love many many things, 'tis all fun :D funnily enough though, shopping isn't one of my addictions..i don't mind it but i can always go without it. i usually have to anyway because i'm pooor ! and the country's economy is so utterly dire it's plain daft !
anyway, i have a headache so must hunt through my junk for my darling nurofen..

i adore my blog (':


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