Saturday, 18 July 2009

moseying around leicester

well today my lovelies, i actually ended up venturing round Leicester with my mom. which was a nice change, especially seeing as she has money, something i lack considerably, i need a job !!
the train journey in wasn't too fun though, mom decided to be a tad pessamistic and depressing, moaning about our family, my sarcasm.. British weather.. in the end i just kept my mouth shut and nodded along, wondering why God has cursed me with fat. i mean i love leicester, but the amount of skinny people there is utterly depressing for someone who is a size 12 and still fairly podgy. ie, me. and okay okay it's what's inside that counts, problem is, my inside is generally wondering if i can afford lypo and if it would hurt.. fashion doesn't exactly help either, the models look so unbelievably perfect, size 8, tall, they can pretty much get away with wearing anything and everything, it's not fair ! what's doubley annoying, is that i'm podgy yet most people have a bigger pair of nungas, and they're skinnier ! i have a feeling God desided to hate me for a laugh.
argh, sorry, i do tend to go on :\
but yeah, major sales on today (Y) which was good because it meant nice clothes for about a tenner, bad because it was manic, and it was impossible to try the stuff on unless you were willing to strip in the middle of the shop.. hmm, interesting. only decent things i've got from the sales are two jumpers for 6th form and a shirt. the shirt is a tad low, but JC is full of perverts anyway, low top or not. also got a pair of jeans from new look, slightly regretting my decision to get them now to be frank.. they're nice enough but i think i look a bit of a tard. but best thing, other than the starbucks i consumed, are some more schuh pump things. i have the same kind in white and with straps instead of laces, but i couldn't resist the black ones for only 20 quid !
ahh good times (: means me and mom will be living off ryvita and phili for about a month, but the shoes make it worth it (: and the bra.. yeahh i got a new bra, rather pretty in my opinion, but when i was looking through them in new look, i got a tad freaked out by an amoeba of leicester, he was just staring at me when i was hunting for my size, it was rather disturbing.
ha, train home was uneventful, but almost got killed getting back in the car, didn't notice there was a bus coming when i was about to open the door and slide in the car to trundle back home. then a car full of chavs went past and yelled abuse at me. hinckley is SUCH a pleasant area in which to live :|
and despite me being a mild social parasite, i have plans tonight ! well, again. :D my darling Daisy has invited me to hers with her besty Scott for Indian takeaway and films (: it works for meee, means i get to pick up some manga to see me through tomorrw, especially as i forgot to take the book last week because i'm a drip.. that and my mom was shouting down the phone at me that it was 11 o clock and it was raining and that she was cold, so to get in the smegging car so she could go home and get attacked by our dogs. in fact, when i was round Daisys, her adorable spaniel was lolling on the bed with us before i went, and even he tried to shove me off, adorable but so forceful !

right, if i'm going to mosey up to Daisys by walking i will have to leave you and try and turn my fringe into a presentable state, it has a habit of going curly when it's windy and i look and utter twerp. so tataa !
until next time mon amis (:



  1. cool blog, now how you feel on the whole 'size 12' thing :@ ha

  2. thanks (:
    i don't mind the size, it's the flab beneath i detest lol x

  3. And, being the total drip you are, you forgot the manga again... tut tut tut...

    But you could read it online I guess? just *sniff*.. it just won't be t-th-the SAME!!