Thursday, 23 July 2009

it's amazing, it's genius ! it's COFFEEEE !!

i guess your initial thought to this is.. what the hell ? is she some kind of coffee crazed addict ? and the response to that would be. well. YES. i'm only really writing this, because being a size 12 and a fairly chunky one in my opinion, i tend to stress alot about my image. especially because i'm dumpy as well. it sucks to be meeeee. well only in body image actually, my wit is one of a kind xD

but yes, before i had actually put myself on a strict, no chocolate diet. it has actually been going fairly well, you can hardly count the coco pops polava chocolate, it's just not the same ! but anyway.. i have discovered a diet that is sooo much better and more reliable and one i'm on naturally anyway :D basically, you drink coffee.. alot. and then have the odd apple nutri grain bar. there is a reason for having the apple, the taste of it makes you feel so sick it doesn't make you want to eat anything else, all you want to do is have a drink, so either fruit juice or coffee i advise (:
please remember i am a heavy coffee addict.. so my choice of drink will usually be from a selection at Starbucks :D so if you ever want to take me on a date.. just remember the way to my heart is through coffee. pretty simple to be frank. well, coffee and hugs.. and kisses.. and being lovely. so you can't really be and absolute git. otherwise i really don't like you already :L

moving on from my beloved coffee, i'm talking to Jaaammessss on msn. i haven't talked to him for a while really, shame to be honest, i like talking to him (: especially as he's majorly complimentary, which i loveee, he's uber sweet, and lives in London which is always a bonus to be frank.. i don't talk to him just because of where he lives though, i assure you of that much. ahh he's so adorable (: the kinda guy you want to snuggle with really..

now.. what to wear for London tomorrow ? that is the question.. and i need to be ready to go at 7 :| that's 7 AM. i'm going to die. i can hardly get to sleep before 1am at the earliest these days... plus the new episode of psychoville is on and i need to watch that if my internet will permit *crosses fingers and toes* otherwise bbc iplayer takes an age to load and then it keeps stopping at random points and irritates me. actually, i managed to catch like a minute of it on TV when my mom was on the phone, kinda worrying actually.. Tealeaf kisses one of the siamese twins.. and Dawn French is ALIIIIIVE as Joy (: interesting, twisted junk i think you will find (:

hmm, it's not up now.. oh well (: means i can listen to my ipod for a bit longer and talk to James without getting frustrated at my appalling internet. i'm also in half a mind to light all my candles.. but i have some that i can't really put anywhere which i really want to light and not lighting them will spoil half the fun i fear :/ darn it. i might as well set fire to some of them regardless, they look pretty and calm me, as well as warm my freezing room up a bit (:

i think my internet might be dying again actually.. a song just failed to send to James.. not good. i might be able to get someone else hooked on Royworld. i have such a bad obsession !! i need therapy i tell you !! but first, i need to go to London and be happy (: right, music, coffee, and James. good evening so far, although major lack of Joshua the lesbian.. ):


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