Saturday, 26 September 2009

as a self confessed coffee addict..

I feel the need to enlighten the world on the pure beauty of Starbucks. That wonderful coffee shop has become so well known to me, the caffine that's been pumped into my veins via the gorgeous cups of utter lust. Yes, I lust after Starbucks. Well I don't ACTUALLY lust over it, like have erotic thoughts about draping my quivering body over the Starbucks sign.. No.
Too far mein twit.

But the coffee they make is just so good !! No other vanilla latte tastes quite the same, ditto with the caramel frappucino, caramel macchiato, mocha, NOTHING tastes as good as the Starbucks ones (':
Although Costa coffee comes a close second with an iced vanilla latte.. I lived off those in London in August. SO GOOD !! It's like an injection of pure
caffine which is refreshing and cold so your not making yourself hotter in the surprisingly hot weather of the British summer. Good times (': lots of salivating, not much dribbling.. ;D

Only problem is, I'm considering going to UCL for uni after A level, which is evidentally in the centre of London, which is therefore going to be surrounded by Starbucks cafes and Costa coffee's and various other places that serve coffee.. So by being surrounded by the temptations, means that I'm going to be uber broke and in debt for the next 50 years. London's so expensive to live in anyway, but meh, seeing as I'll be a student, why not ?! :D I really want to go to UCL or Aberystwyth actually. Both are really good unis, both in relatively nice areas, actually, VERY nice areas. Sooo, I guess I'll just have to see how my results are (:
One majorly tempting thing with UCL, well two in fact. 1. It's in London and I might as well live there as a student when it's partially affordable. 2. STARBUCKS !!

There's a coffee shop, either Costa or preferably Starbucks opening in Hinckley soon actually, CAN'T EFFING WAIT ! I'm gonna end up spending all my money, all my time, and all my free periods in it. It's going to be the one thing that makes Hinckley any good xD
Good times (':

Just a shame that the shop that's closing down in order for the coffee haven to be welcomed, is a pretty decent shop. I mean it was expensive and wasn't really doing much, but it was really nice, really UNHinckley like. T'was good. Ah well. WE HAVE COFFEE NOW ! And it's not coffee rio which is even better.. Coffee Rio worried me slightly to be honessttt.

Whoaa, my hair actually looks kinda cool as well, maybe I CAN work the whole, no-fringe look. Proud as punch ;D I am one sad girl (':

Right.. REALLY need to try and do some homework :/ Got loads to do actually.
Laterss babeessssss


Monday, 21 September 2009

a blog revisited

Something along those lines anyway (: as you will know if you read my other blog, I've been a poorly pie today, so thought I would make use of my time and write to my other blogs. Need to write a better post for my main blog actually, the one I wrote a while ago is a tad poo.
Still feel kinda crappy tbh, and there's a bit of my gum that really stings right now, just between two teeth.. Slightly obscure methinks (:

Haaaa, I love Archibold (': the raving tart makes me smile. She's considering giving up all A levels to take a BTEC in prostitution.. Tbh she doesn't need to do the frigging course. She's already a qualified whore.

Ewww, the bloke on last weeks Waking the Dead is an utter freak, I mean he's bold, old, WEIRD, I don't liiiike him. He scares me slightly. Dumdidum, thank God I don't actually know anyone like that, 'tis such a relief to my little world :D


Sad thing is, I don't even like the ruddy things that much, I was only eating them cause Archi opened them on Friday when she came round and we avidly watched Saw III and then youtubed the most wonderful things (': Potter Puppet Pals never ceases to make one giggle, Snape's Diary.. WATCH IT AND LAUGH :D
That and the bag of weed song from Family Guy. Actually I'm not really a fan of Family Guy, I don't find it particuarly entertaining, granted I've never really given myself time to watch it. Just doesn't seem to be my kinda thing (: Did manage to see a double episode of Scrubs though today :D was so happy, not seen it for so long ): I've missed JC, Dr Cox and Turk, the joys they bring to E4.. Makes channel 4 and the various other channels seem half decent. Big Brother always manages to flatten any credit they did have.. Thank God it's being axed next year !

Dumdidum (: growing my nails again, cause I'm that cool. Shame some of them have already gone slightly dodgy, they kinda flake a bit, it's odd. But meh, most are fine :D

I really want a Blackberry ): even more now actually. I'm using my old Sony Ericsson and it's pissing me off a fair bit, not only has something gone round my school because of something I had on there years ago, but the charger's stopped working and the phone's just generally annoying me. Give me a blackberry !! ;D
Wow, that woman has a rather freaky jaw line.. and cheek bones actually..

Riiight, off to drink MORE tea and consider homework and think about some stuff

Laterss (:


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

buggeration suits my thoughts :/


Today has really not been the most successful/happy/good day I've had lately. In fairness it didn't start out too bad, even though I failed to find Stefaniak in my free period and couldn't find the daft woman yesterday to get the sheets I needed to catch up on the work. Stupidly, missing the day on friday hardly seems worth it. I mean I didn't get anything out the day apart from feeling sick being spun round in an acorn thing at lunch.. Had to catch up on so muh work :|

By my first proper lesson, second period, Chemistry. Yaroo ? Actually it wasn't all bad, Dr Newbold is a legend and she's lovely (: but I ended up with homework by the end of the lesson :| darn. Then Stefaniak third annoyed the hell out of me :| had a go at me for not getting the sheets from her yesterday when I tried, and it was her fault I failed in finding her :| daft bat. ARGH. That lesson resulted in f*ck loads MORE homework and more notes >.<
Fourth period was alright though. Scott and Lorna <3 what would I do without them (': made the lesson rather amusing. Although I think most the class thinks we're utter freaks.. Meh. What's new there ?!

Last period was epic, but boring as arse for most of it. Most legendary article me and Amy were given though.. All about clitoris' and someone sh*tting in someone else's face ;D we got the best article by far..

And then..

My brother's finally come home for a bit, he's really managed to kill my faith in men. Now he's getting reguarly stoned on weed, and has managed to cheat on his girlfriend, and doesn't seem too worried that she's probably going to dump him sometime this week. *sigh.*
And I thought my brother was a half decent kinda guy :/

Can you tell my judge of character seems to have failed slightly ?

I need a hug by a lovely guy who's snuggly and comfy and WARM. I've frozen my arse off far too much lately, especially as Hannah insisted we sit on the balcony at lunch, despite the fact it was blowing an effing gale and I had a SKIRT on. I mean honestly. Some drivers almost got a lovely view of my knickers on the way home because of the wind and my stupid dress sense.

Fed up of copying up notes and thinking of homework :/ wouldn't mind going to badminton tonight tbh, but mom says she's not going sooo.. No hope there then. Darn.

Latersss. Much, much later.


Saturday, 12 September 2009

TADAAAAAA. Regi's back.

My darling homies, for it has been a long time since we spewed utter nonsese in the form of an online blog, for I have been wrestling with 6th form staff and a roller coaster of rather retarded emotions which erupted from deep withing. Yes my friends, I have returned to the era of being a spinster.

Well I'm not ACTUALLY a spinster, but it darn well feels like it. I mean 4 months is hardly a long time is it ? I mean, well, to me it is. But then again I've had next to nothing to distract me, only Archibold and she's such a raving tart that anyone can get distracted by her. I think my heartbreaker Sebastian has truly moved on as well :/ in all honesty, I reckon he did a long time ago. But his personal message thingy crap on msn has somehow reinforced that I have been a fool to lust over him for 4 months, and therefore WASTED my time, when I could have been out there lassooing some poor sod to be my lovely companion between my large thighs. How it sucks.

I am of course joking.

If I could have got over Sebastian as easily as I could stop eating chocolate, then I would have been happily available for dates the day after he ditched me. In fact, not eating chocolate is really easy.. I always thought it would be my everest, in fact, it is merely a pimple on the cheek of a teenage boy with severe achne.

I have become so acustomed to not writing blogs, it feels a tad obscure to be typing like a caffine feuled hamster in the heat of passion once more. HAA, that remind me of Bad Boys 2. Amazing scene in it when Marcus is in the attic of a rich guys house, PRETENDING to be a pest controller person thing, y'know, the people that look a bit like the guys out of Ghostbusters.. Anyway, basically there are loads of mice, and two of them are humping and it's like the missionary position.. Good times (:

Either way, I have a feeling my blogs are going to be back up and running now, seeing as I'm back into the full swing of A level education and general stresses of day to day single teenage life, struggling with pathetic emotions and personal conflict :D the wonderful things you learn in English ehh ?

Anyway, I must dash as I have yoga to be getting on with in between talking to various people on msn and writing to my other blog, as the poor thing has had NO attention this evening from me at all, accept for the fact I mean to delete several posts and ended up publishing them >.< bloody fool Reginald.

Tataaaaa till next time homies ;D