Saturday, 26 September 2009

as a self confessed coffee addict..

I feel the need to enlighten the world on the pure beauty of Starbucks. That wonderful coffee shop has become so well known to me, the caffine that's been pumped into my veins via the gorgeous cups of utter lust. Yes, I lust after Starbucks. Well I don't ACTUALLY lust over it, like have erotic thoughts about draping my quivering body over the Starbucks sign.. No.
Too far mein twit.

But the coffee they make is just so good !! No other vanilla latte tastes quite the same, ditto with the caramel frappucino, caramel macchiato, mocha, NOTHING tastes as good as the Starbucks ones (':
Although Costa coffee comes a close second with an iced vanilla latte.. I lived off those in London in August. SO GOOD !! It's like an injection of pure
caffine which is refreshing and cold so your not making yourself hotter in the surprisingly hot weather of the British summer. Good times (': lots of salivating, not much dribbling.. ;D

Only problem is, I'm considering going to UCL for uni after A level, which is evidentally in the centre of London, which is therefore going to be surrounded by Starbucks cafes and Costa coffee's and various other places that serve coffee.. So by being surrounded by the temptations, means that I'm going to be uber broke and in debt for the next 50 years. London's so expensive to live in anyway, but meh, seeing as I'll be a student, why not ?! :D I really want to go to UCL or Aberystwyth actually. Both are really good unis, both in relatively nice areas, actually, VERY nice areas. Sooo, I guess I'll just have to see how my results are (:
One majorly tempting thing with UCL, well two in fact. 1. It's in London and I might as well live there as a student when it's partially affordable. 2. STARBUCKS !!

There's a coffee shop, either Costa or preferably Starbucks opening in Hinckley soon actually, CAN'T EFFING WAIT ! I'm gonna end up spending all my money, all my time, and all my free periods in it. It's going to be the one thing that makes Hinckley any good xD
Good times (':

Just a shame that the shop that's closing down in order for the coffee haven to be welcomed, is a pretty decent shop. I mean it was expensive and wasn't really doing much, but it was really nice, really UNHinckley like. T'was good. Ah well. WE HAVE COFFEE NOW ! And it's not coffee rio which is even better.. Coffee Rio worried me slightly to be honessttt.

Whoaa, my hair actually looks kinda cool as well, maybe I CAN work the whole, no-fringe look. Proud as punch ;D I am one sad girl (':

Right.. REALLY need to try and do some homework :/ Got loads to do actually.
Laterss babeessssss



  1. You've just given me an idea. I love Aberystwyth, lovely place. <3 Going there t'would be awesome.....
    Is it weird that I only like Starbucks for it's smoothies and pastry????

  2. Aberystwyth is amazing I have to say (:
    We should so have a road trip there xD

    Urm, kinda. Well in fact no. Cause Starbucks is epic in every sense (: x

  3. grande chocolate cream or signature hot chocolate, FOR THE WIN.

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  5. Vanilla latte or caramel frappucino <3 and a double chocolate muffin.. *salivates* ;D

  6. double chocolate muffin (':

  7. ohmnomnomnomnomnom to any starbucks produce (':

  8. Starbucks!
    I wish they had it here in India :(
    But we've got Costa, which is amazing!

  9. Ey! Like your blog. Quite a neat one you got out there.
    Cheers :)

  10. Thank you (: I hardly write to this one anymore, got another that's freakily similar..

    check it out (: x