Saturday, 12 September 2009

TADAAAAAA. Regi's back.

My darling homies, for it has been a long time since we spewed utter nonsese in the form of an online blog, for I have been wrestling with 6th form staff and a roller coaster of rather retarded emotions which erupted from deep withing. Yes my friends, I have returned to the era of being a spinster.

Well I'm not ACTUALLY a spinster, but it darn well feels like it. I mean 4 months is hardly a long time is it ? I mean, well, to me it is. But then again I've had next to nothing to distract me, only Archibold and she's such a raving tart that anyone can get distracted by her. I think my heartbreaker Sebastian has truly moved on as well :/ in all honesty, I reckon he did a long time ago. But his personal message thingy crap on msn has somehow reinforced that I have been a fool to lust over him for 4 months, and therefore WASTED my time, when I could have been out there lassooing some poor sod to be my lovely companion between my large thighs. How it sucks.

I am of course joking.

If I could have got over Sebastian as easily as I could stop eating chocolate, then I would have been happily available for dates the day after he ditched me. In fact, not eating chocolate is really easy.. I always thought it would be my everest, in fact, it is merely a pimple on the cheek of a teenage boy with severe achne.

I have become so acustomed to not writing blogs, it feels a tad obscure to be typing like a caffine feuled hamster in the heat of passion once more. HAA, that remind me of Bad Boys 2. Amazing scene in it when Marcus is in the attic of a rich guys house, PRETENDING to be a pest controller person thing, y'know, the people that look a bit like the guys out of Ghostbusters.. Anyway, basically there are loads of mice, and two of them are humping and it's like the missionary position.. Good times (:

Either way, I have a feeling my blogs are going to be back up and running now, seeing as I'm back into the full swing of A level education and general stresses of day to day single teenage life, struggling with pathetic emotions and personal conflict :D the wonderful things you learn in English ehh ?

Anyway, I must dash as I have yoga to be getting on with in between talking to various people on msn and writing to my other blog, as the poor thing has had NO attention this evening from me at all, accept for the fact I mean to delete several posts and ended up publishing them >.< bloody fool Reginald.

Tataaaaa till next time homies ;D


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