Wednesday, 12 August 2009

gahhhhhh ?!

Well it has been a while mon amis. Parce que, well, lack of inspiration to be frank.. That and the fact that my darling Archibold (Daisy) abandoned me for Cornwall with her skinny boy and Zoe. I was rather bored but really didn't have the effort to battle with my internet to write posts, so, sorry ? She has since returned to me with open legs, the apalling tart, and we've had many a venture round Hinckley and moseyings through Hollycroft. (':
Ooooo, it looks like it's going to absolutely hammer it down sooooon ^.^ I liiiiike the thought of that, daft as it sounds being the middle of summer. Who cares ? This is Britain for God's sake !

Anywayy, so lately I've enjoyed the company of Archibold, Facebook has been plagued with photos of the reunitement of Reginald and Archibold. 'Tis orgasmic stuff, I must say. Then today I saw Courtney, t'was fun, although it got interrupted on the way home by Joshua and his crisis. It was mildly amusing. For me. He had walked out the car when he was with his mom for a practice drive. Gah.
Annndddd I am intrigued to know why chavs feel the need to have their hands permanantly plunged into their pants. I mean, just why ?! Is it so full of gangrene that they're worried it's going to fall off ?! Or is it that it's so small they're trying to extend it ? They're worried that it's going to drop off if it's not being touched constantly :| for God's sake ! It's rediculous, although I s'pose they can't get anyone that actually WANTS to touch it :\

Hahaaaaa, the people of Hinckley are tards ^.^ especially Tom's new girlfriend. Basically this guy who goes to my badminton club thing brought his girlfriend last week and she wasn't exactly friendly to me.. Then this week she was completely hostile :| I was like.. Urm, what have I done ?! :S
Gah, oh well.

Mmmm, my duvet smells niiiice (':

Since Sebastian has been talking to me via email, I've kinda figured I still want him )': It's really not ideal to be frank. Doesn't help when he says stuff that makes me want him more. GAH !!

Still need to see the new Harry Potter film actually, might see if some random fool feels like bumbling into Leicester at some point to watch it with meeee. Haven't been into Leicester for ages :| Darn. I'm craving Starbucks. In fact there's supposed to be a Costa Coffee opening in Hinckley soon, it's not the same, but it's still a decent coffee bar (': I might end up spending most my life in there now ;D I wonder if I could do yoga in a coffee bar.. Possibly not )':
It's rather nice doing it outside though, although when I did it yesterday it was so hot. I think I'm a tad tanned now (': that and aching like anything. It might be relaxing and bendy and good for you and all, but it does hurt a tad after a while. Especially my stomach.

I should be seeing Cameron McD-B on Monday, hopefully anyway ^.^ thenn, hopefully Archi on Friday, and probably Courtney at some point. And Sam (':
'Tis all good, if all goes to plan anyway ;D ahhh I get a nice hot bath tonight (': so good and refreshing after manipulating my bottom while doing yoga. Haaaa I must look like a fool. Shame I don't care really ;D always the best way to be I thiiink.

Right, I'm going to go and find inspiration



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