Wednesday, 5 August 2009

flash back to the 90's..

i feel like regressing back to the days when i was a care free, 7 year old tard who didn't object to people calling her "Roso" and enjoyed being incredibly violent in pretty much every sense possible. at the age of 7 remember. the dirty mind didn't fully come into play until i was about 10.. that's a whole 3 years later ;D

i want to go back to those days when myself, my brother, and Gareth, my moms friends son who my mom wants me to get with when i've finished uni. hahaaaaaa. good luck with that one my lovely. oh but the memories i'm willing to share with you. they will one day appear in a very violent kids Disney film. preferably a spoof of Cinderella or something xD

1.) cork fights.
okay, so it sounds daft and trivial, and also makes both sets of parents appear alchies. although that might not be incorrect.. (': but yeah, every saturday night the parents would sit together and drown their sorrows in numerous bottles of wine while we three young tards would collect the corks and proceed to hurl them, INCREDIBLY forcefully at each other. for me, it was aimed at the face. for the guys.. haaaa, even at a young age i knew hitting them in the groin would hurt them ^.^ my lord i was malicious. there was also a VERY special cork. the we worshipped that cork (':

2.) beanie baby fights..
ahaaaaa, my collection of beanie babies did actually prove beneficial and incredibly useful on those darling saturday nights of the 1990s. well, the times they came to ours. we would position ourselves, one in front of the kitchen door, another in front of the (glass) front door, and the last at the top of the stairs. we then proceeded to yet again, hurl the toys at each other with a hell of alot of force. most the time we finished either part blind, several bruises sprouting, or bent double in pain. they really were immense.

ooo, tiny intervention.. the moon looks uber glamourous and mysterious tonight.. cloudy = moody. hells yeahhh.

how could 3 kids NOT have epic pillow fights ?! it meant the parents at whichever household had to remove all breakable things, they learnt after the second time we broke something (': bless them. actually, once at my house, we managed to utterly cripple the clothes horse. was so unbelievably funny. all my brothers fault, naturally, and we were laughing so much we couldn't stand, let alone fiz the bloody thing xD i also managed to cripple Gareth and Richard by hitting them with well timed whacks in the nuts ^.^ proud was i. then Gareth invited me into his bed (':

4.) the panda.
okay, so that sounds a tad obscure. but basically, when i was a tot i was given a giant panda cuddly toy malarky thing. that poor panda went through alot.. a girl called Ashlieigh snogging it.. please don't ask. but the most damaging thing for the poor thing, was when myself, Gareth and Richard decided to ride the bloody thing down the stairs. we have a glass front door. the stairs start shortly after the door. hmm. we could have died xD in fact we did get fairly injured trying to pull off the stunt, mainly because the panda stopped halfway down the stairs, and we were either catapulted into the floor at the base of the stairs, the wall, or the metal rod things on the other side of the stairs. hmm, attractive ? then we all decided to clamber on and go down at the same time. utter disaster. i'm surprised the door survived..

5.) holidaysssss
my family and Gareth's used to go on holiday together for years, then he went to uni and stuff changed. gah. but yeah, good times on the beach, there's a photo with my big green bottom between Gareth and my brother when we were on the way down the beach (hilarious i tell you (': ) hanging round the park area and getting jammed on the slide.. hanging from the monkey bars.. making a mess of the caravan site by leaving water balloon bits everywhere.. we were ruffians i tell you (':

6.) water fights...
the joys that summer brought us.. we had big ass water guns. and i MEAN big ass. they were huge ! Gareth named his the multitropicfruitinator (': mine and my brothers didn't have names, we just used and abused them. nothing was safe from us and the water. we'd walk in after running manically round the field, barn and garden screaming at getting pelted with water. this was again at my house. Gareth's had a pitifully small garden.. but such good times (':

7.) unreal tournament
god, this game seems so stupidly old, but it's so good ! well, that and driver and F3 or something, and Tigers.. i can't remember what it was actually called, but i know it had terrible graphics, is about 30 years old and was hilarious when you blew up ^.^ they were all so violent.. or based around cars. i need to try and get Driver 3 and unreal tournament on my laptop actually.. i'm being pushed to the brink of actually doing some school work because i'm that bored. GAH !!

end of memories (': for now anyway. i have far too many.. but yeah, my quick flash back to the 90s.. good times, all of them (':



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