Wednesday, 5 August 2009

ahoyhoy m'homiesss..

for it has been a while since we three met. hmm. i think i should rephrase that to something more appropriate. bleh, smeg it. it's 01:01. i really cba. that and my pathetic excuse of an internet is being an utter unadulterated TARD and i'm trying to decide something.

do i, or do i NOT sync my ipod right now ?
if i sync it, it means hunting for the cable, turning it on, watching my laptop go direly slow and then run the risk of having itunes metaphorically spit at me.
however, if i DON'T.. it means i won't make a noise falling into things in my sleepy trance finding the cable, have my laptop chunter at it's usual pace, save my ipod battery thing, not have itunes strop at me, anndd means i don't have to move.
hmm. tricky. very tricky.

lately, as well as getting my locks chopped, i have been on a Die Hard thingy. basically i've copied all the films over from my brothers media server to my laptop so now i can watch them when the rains piddling down outside my boudouir and i'm not in the mood to bumble aimlessly about in it, and i don't have to get annoyed when the server gets PMT xD

ahh, i love having a brother that has grown romantically attatched to computers.. shame he can't fix the internet. gah.

hmm, i want cuddles.

oh i do love so many things (': i like those things. and thinking about them actually, they make me happy.. sometimes. if i really concentrate anyway. i really won't bore you with a long and repeatative list, but yeah. those things make me happyyyyyyyy..

i have an urge to go outside and walk down my street in my jimjams. probably not a good idea as it's faily chilly and my jammies don't really consist of much, annddd it's a main road. and near Hinckley. so i might get raped.
or stabbed.
or shot.


i also feel like meditating. and possibly sleeping at some point tonight.. sleep would be good (': but then again, so would coffee.. and seeing some darling friends of mine. i do love the tards, as much as we abuse eachother, it's because we're too amazing to be normal. you have to see through the idiotic tendancies..

i wanna live near the seeeaaaaa. one day when i'm done with uni and have moneysss (': talking of money actually, i might be able to meet up with Jacobb sometime this summer which would be gooood (: i mean he stopped talking to me after we met up last time. gah. tbh i would just like to get out of my house and out of Hinckley. but it DOES require cash which is a bit of a bugger.

and now i want to watch Red Dwarf. what am i on ?!?! oh yess.. i remember..

as always.

itunes is being nice ^.^ this is such a rarity, i think i should make the most of it and stay up all night listening to 6GB worth, at least, of music. i actually have alot more music than that, i just don't put it all on itunes, 'cause it means it goes onto my ipod and i end up with a load of really odd music and i have to trawl through all the crap before i get to the songs i want.
either that or go through all the artists. which is fine until i want to listen to someone else..

and my earphones have broken. again. either that or the connecter thing in my ipod's broken which would prove a rather major problem. i don't have money rattling around to be able to afford a new ipod )':

i'm going to mourne my poverty

laters )':


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