Saturday, 1 August 2009

ahahahaaaaaa !

am i sneaky ? oh i'm sneaky ;D

i only went downstairs to fetch a box of coco rocks seeing as i had finally finished the box i was munching through. but yeah.. i decided to be "sociable" and stuck my head round the door to the living room where mom was watching BBC 3 with one dog curled happily at her feet, the other rolling round on the floor like a fluffy retard.
unable to resist the adorable look on her face, i decided to tickle her tummy (this is my DOG not my mom. that would be disgusting. and odd.) so she started moaning and inevitably expecting a thorough fuss. and urm, she kinda went mad when i stood up to go. i was cornered. cornered by a hyperactive dog and a toy mouse.

so instead of a 2 minute toddle downstairs into the kitchen and a happy wave to my mom, it turned into a 10 minute play with a dog. i would have played with both of them, but fergus is an unbelievable wuss. he's rosie's brother and inevitably had the chop, and he's turning into a flaming girl ! he really is ! he's a mummys boy, he worships my mom, whereas rosie's more manly. she has balls :D but yeah, i can only play with one dog at a time because fergus's far too girly and rosie just shoves him out the way. i do think he's a tad hard beaten sometimes. plus he lives in a house of girls. there's only me, my mom and rosie. so he counts as another girl :D

haaaaaa, i love my friends (': the butch lesbian that is JOSHUAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. the sex maniac that is Cameron A. the adorable nerd that is Cameron McD-B. the appalling tart that is ARCHIBOLD / DAVID / daaaaiiss. the slightly violent Courtney.. i love the lot :D as weird and wonderful as they all are, they mean alot to me. (': i'm feeling so deep..

bugger. my coffee's gone cold )': why does that have to happen ?! as soon as i'm high on stupidly high sugar content OASIS and coco rocks, my darn coffee goes cold. then again, i have had about 7 cups from about 11 this morning, so i think i should stop drinking so much.. apparently it's not good for you.
PFFT sugarlumps..

doooo be doo be DOOOOOOOOOOO

i'm so hiiiiighh, and i need to wash my frinngeee, and i wanna rock out with nickelback, hinder, hoobastank and dance in my jimjams down my road, brightly lit my street lamps ;D that would make an horrific sight but i'm so happyy !!!!

why am i so happy ?!?! i was up until 20 to 3 last night on the phone to Joshuaaaaa ! that might have something to do with it actually (: he is.. unique (': but utterly awesomeeeee :D

g'niiiiight my lovelies


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