Tuesday, 15 September 2009

buggeration suits my thoughts :/


Today has really not been the most successful/happy/good day I've had lately. In fairness it didn't start out too bad, even though I failed to find Stefaniak in my free period and couldn't find the daft woman yesterday to get the sheets I needed to catch up on the work. Stupidly, missing the day on friday hardly seems worth it. I mean I didn't get anything out the day apart from feeling sick being spun round in an acorn thing at lunch.. Had to catch up on so muh work :|

By my first proper lesson, second period, Chemistry. Yaroo ? Actually it wasn't all bad, Dr Newbold is a legend and she's lovely (: but I ended up with homework by the end of the lesson :| darn. Then Stefaniak third annoyed the hell out of me :| had a go at me for not getting the sheets from her yesterday when I tried, and it was her fault I failed in finding her :| daft bat. ARGH. That lesson resulted in f*ck loads MORE homework and more notes >.<
Fourth period was alright though. Scott and Lorna <3 what would I do without them (': made the lesson rather amusing. Although I think most the class thinks we're utter freaks.. Meh. What's new there ?!

Last period was epic, but boring as arse for most of it. Most legendary article me and Amy were given though.. All about clitoris' and someone sh*tting in someone else's face ;D we got the best article by far..

And then..

My brother's finally come home for a bit, he's really managed to kill my faith in men. Now he's getting reguarly stoned on weed, and has managed to cheat on his girlfriend, and doesn't seem too worried that she's probably going to dump him sometime this week. *sigh.*
And I thought my brother was a half decent kinda guy :/

Can you tell my judge of character seems to have failed slightly ?

I need a hug by a lovely guy who's snuggly and comfy and WARM. I've frozen my arse off far too much lately, especially as Hannah insisted we sit on the balcony at lunch, despite the fact it was blowing an effing gale and I had a SKIRT on. I mean honestly. Some drivers almost got a lovely view of my knickers on the way home because of the wind and my stupid dress sense.

Fed up of copying up notes and thinking of homework :/ wouldn't mind going to badminton tonight tbh, but mom says she's not going sooo.. No hope there then. Darn.

Latersss. Much, much later.


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  1. Nice post. I'm usually a source of comfort for all my friends. My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and I was busy making both of them feel better all last night. I would help you too (maybe not a hug) but I'm all the way in the US.

    My judgement has also plummeted. I finally came to the realization about all the drugs, drinking, and smoking going around my school. I'll never do that sh*t.

    Feel free to visit my blog: