Monday, 21 September 2009

a blog revisited

Something along those lines anyway (: as you will know if you read my other blog, I've been a poorly pie today, so thought I would make use of my time and write to my other blogs. Need to write a better post for my main blog actually, the one I wrote a while ago is a tad poo.
Still feel kinda crappy tbh, and there's a bit of my gum that really stings right now, just between two teeth.. Slightly obscure methinks (:

Haaaa, I love Archibold (': the raving tart makes me smile. She's considering giving up all A levels to take a BTEC in prostitution.. Tbh she doesn't need to do the frigging course. She's already a qualified whore.

Ewww, the bloke on last weeks Waking the Dead is an utter freak, I mean he's bold, old, WEIRD, I don't liiiike him. He scares me slightly. Dumdidum, thank God I don't actually know anyone like that, 'tis such a relief to my little world :D


Sad thing is, I don't even like the ruddy things that much, I was only eating them cause Archi opened them on Friday when she came round and we avidly watched Saw III and then youtubed the most wonderful things (': Potter Puppet Pals never ceases to make one giggle, Snape's Diary.. WATCH IT AND LAUGH :D
That and the bag of weed song from Family Guy. Actually I'm not really a fan of Family Guy, I don't find it particuarly entertaining, granted I've never really given myself time to watch it. Just doesn't seem to be my kinda thing (: Did manage to see a double episode of Scrubs though today :D was so happy, not seen it for so long ): I've missed JC, Dr Cox and Turk, the joys they bring to E4.. Makes channel 4 and the various other channels seem half decent. Big Brother always manages to flatten any credit they did have.. Thank God it's being axed next year !

Dumdidum (: growing my nails again, cause I'm that cool. Shame some of them have already gone slightly dodgy, they kinda flake a bit, it's odd. But meh, most are fine :D

I really want a Blackberry ): even more now actually. I'm using my old Sony Ericsson and it's pissing me off a fair bit, not only has something gone round my school because of something I had on there years ago, but the charger's stopped working and the phone's just generally annoying me. Give me a blackberry !! ;D
Wow, that woman has a rather freaky jaw line.. and cheek bones actually..

Riiight, off to drink MORE tea and consider homework and think about some stuff

Laterss (:


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