Friday, 17 July 2009

the first ramble.

ahoy, welcome to the life of a 16 year old, English teenager, Rosalynd Elizabeth Wilson.
otherwise known as Rozz or Rolo, i feel it's much more quirky and original (:
from this blog you have unfortunately stumbled on, you might get a pretty good idea of what a typical British teenager's life is like. well, the girl version anyway.
i'd rather not delve into the male psychi. it's rather disturbing to be frank.
especially as alot of guys these days seem to be chavs, which is an horrendous shame to be fair. some are rather dishy looking if it wasn't for the cloud of smoke, aroma of cat piss, or larger as it's called, and the major presence of trackies and bad language.
i like to think of myself as original yet not a complete.. odden..
i do tend to be typically sarcastic, as it comes with British people, well, i like to think it does anyway.. it come from a childhood of Blackadder and other incredibly witty stuff.
currently residing in Leicester, it's actually an alright kinda place, shame it's not near the sea, but it's fairly nice. lovely shopping facilities though, and amazing sushi bars.. they are officially amazing.
i have a range of friends.. the utterly obscure to the scarily normal, the social retards to the social royalty. i also have the odd internet person that i chat to, only one, Joshua, is really someone that i count as a real friend, people might think i'm stupid or naive for talking to someone who you met on the internet, but i am actually careful and not stupid.

anyway, enough of the internet drivvle, it's bad enough when my "father" decided to try and tell me not to talk to people on the internet, blah blah blah, LIKE I'M THICK :|

yeahh, i'm red haired and fairly short, i used to play football, and right now, i feel like a drip for trying to describe what i look like.
i'm going to carry on chatting on msn and watching hotel babylon, anndd i will put a proper post on here sooon.


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