Thursday, 23 July 2009

i feel like rocking out..

okay, when i started writing this originally, i felt like crying, but i decided to change it and be happy, mainly because i started listening to Nickelback. mmmm, believe it or not is an epic song. :D but yeah. i've decided that looking like utter crap today was just.. a day :D now i just have to worry about looking marginally human on friday when i mosey to London wth Daisy and Scott. my gosh i cannot wait to be frank, gets me away from Hinckley and the worrying pond life, and into the city of bright lights and amazing.. urm. stuff. i was trying to think of something good and i started to sound like an advert for a flipping holiday. not good. but yeah. London is soon to be hit by a whore, a raving gay and an utter turdy poop. the latter being Daisy :D
Camden is going to come to a standstill when us 3 pour out of the underground. i'm determined to get a bright green tutu and zebra print flouresant pink leggings xD i'm going to look uber fit, i can tell you.. although i don't think ANYTHING can beat this absolutely gorgeous and utterly arousing bright orange bra and knickers set that i found in asda. better than just normal orange, it was SHINY. and the bra was like a double E cup. my god i found it hilarious and sent a picture to Joshua. i think people in asda thought i was some kind of underwear pervert taking a photo of it though.. that or i was aiming to become a double E miraculously over night.. odd.
but then again that's Hinckley for you ! :D

and unfortunately my favourite lesbain Joshua has been a tad down lately ): and it's not good because i loveeee him and want him to be happy and and and oh my word it's 02:41. ahhh, but i want Joshua to be the typically, scaryily happy first thing in the morning, annoyingly sure of himself kinda lesboo.. but i'm not entirely sure how to make him happy apart from ploying him with alot of caramel frappachino's.. hmm. starbucks is the the shit :D

hrmm, i feel august is gonna require a mass cheering up thing for Joshua (: i'm thinkingg.. alot of hugs, starbucks, and acting like a drip.. so normal me :D and listening to absolutely awsome music, that is a must. that and laughing so hard i cry (:

right.. time for sleep i think.. now only 03:03 :L

pip pop


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