Monday, 20 July 2009

oh holy noooooo !!

oh my holy sugarlumps today has been a tad obscure. i actually did what i'd planned to do for once, which just involved me trecking all round town and round Burbage, in new shoes, so inevitably i have feet which ache and are covered in a variety of different blisters which are fairly painful, but the ones on my heels don't actually look like blisters :S 'tis odd. anyway, i hear you ask, why i was missioning round town, and it's because, like many 16 year olds, i am utterly broke. and are searching in vain to aquire a job. and not only am i trying to get a job i've decided to volunteer in a charity shop, inspired by my darling Daisy, but since she's told of the worrying occurances that happen in MIND, i refuse to go in there, and have opted for a much prettier and pleasenter place, that being the British Heart Foundation (: the people in there, although relatively aged, are lovely so if i get a place i'm sure it will be funnn.. hopefully. bearing in mind this IS Hinckley, and therefore it's inevitable that there's going to be some contact with pond life but bleh. it's the two years of A level i'm waiting for to pass, after that i can run away from here and be properly poor at uni :D
so yeah.. fun day.
oh my lordy loo.. this is bad. this is REALLY bad. there's this guy, we shall know him as J, who has just declared his undying love for me and is planning on marrying me.. he also gets INCREDIBLY pissed off when i refuse to believe i'm beautiful. is that such a crime ?! i'm hanging my head in shame at the thought of possibly being forced into marriage by him in 20 years time. can someone kill me right now ? please. i'll pay you ? i'm not feeling slightly down because of that though, thank God. if i was i would just be plain daft. there's always divorce.. or i could just say no. duh. nah, my minds wandered back over to a little place near Dover called Folkestone and to a certain guy that resides there. yep, Sebby boo is back and i'm a bit mizz. i'm sure one day i'll get over the idiot. i would rather like a nice little boyfriend, but i think i should wait. at least i'm happy being nice and moody in my room, mmmmm, candles. there's something entrancing about watching a flame dance around the wick and melting the wax untill it's a small pool in the glass. ahh (: i have also aquired a liking for a certain song which Cameron sent me yesterday, wrote a post about him in another blog. he's a tad odd yet seems to be the male equivalent of me.. odd. but anyway,
VV Brown - Shark in the water is an utterly amazing song (:
it feels so good to just sit and breathe. i know i sound odd but i reckon i should take up yoga.. yum, bendyy. it's supposed to be relaxing and very good exercise.. i see a plan forming :D hmm, i wonder if Joshua had a good birthday.. i thought he was going to ring me last night, i text him because he demanded i count down, bless him, then i didn't get a reply for ages. then he seemed off, then he decided to tell me he had his girlfriend round ! i mean for the love of technology, he should just have TOLD ME !! then it would have stopped me texting him before i carried on counting down for a whole hour >.<
MEN. they shall never learn i fear. well, at least, Joshua won't. he's part lesbian after all. i can't wait until i go to London in August actually, will be really good to see him :D and my moms all happy about it, and she's going to have one of her chums with her so it means she won't be questioning him 'till he's blue in the face :D and oh dear God i thought my curtain had caught on fire then.. i am such a piromaniac. i love my candles.. they are so entrancing :D right, i'm going to have to take this song off repeat, i'm driving myself insane.


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