Thursday, 30 July 2009

la di daaaaa

haaaa, i love mock the week (': 'tis such larks.. hmm, i fancy being positive and happy in this post to make a change from my current state, of which my frame of mind is being a tad pessamistic, doubtful, and generally moochy. not good. so i'm aiming for a more chirpy attitude and hopefully achieve a more witty and amusing post while being realistic and now i should just shut up.

ohh this is a really nice song actually (: Joshua Radin - the one you knew. i must thank Joshuaaa my lesbo (who is talking to me again xD *does a little jog*) for ordering me to listen to it.. 'tis niiiiiiice. and now i'm staring hypnotically at the moon. like i have been doing at the lone, uber bright star for the last couple of days. it's quite nice to focus on something so simple and stunning. i feel philosophical thoughts coming on.. arwh, my lopsided smile thing is rather sweet i reckon. i could be wrong, but i like it (':

aaannnddd now i'm back to watching a not - yet - developed Harry Potter, a frizzy Hermione Granger and a gormless looking Ron Weasely in the first Harry Potter film. how sweet. byebye philosophy.. HAA ! how ironic that it's called the philosopher's stone ^.^ easily amused is the best way to be methinks :D

hmm, i really would love a window seat to be installed in my bay window.. i have an image of me sitting there gazing pensively out the window.. i look rather pretty in my mind.. in reality, i may not look as good but bleh. who's going to see me there anyway ?! 'tis my room and mine only. my mom has learnt to knock before she enters my boudouir.. i trained her well.. i love her alot though (': me and my mommy freak go well together. as mother and daughter. nothing else.. OBVIOUSLY. urghhh, psychoville moment. ew.

talking of psychoville, the last episode is on toniiight. and although it's on at 10, i need to wait until about 11 until i can watch it, as mom hogs the TV at 10 for the news. fair enough she wants to keep up with what's going on in the world. but it's so uber depressing ! and it's almost always the same thing anyway. i may see if i can persuade her to take a break. urm, i have 5 minutes in which to do so. i think i won't waste my time y'know. i might just smile and grow fat on coffee and jaffa cakes and be happy that i've spoken to Joshua and Cameron McD-B. and Tom for that matter as well. i missed the ninja baby wanting tard (':

Joseph Arther - into the sun

s'a good song (: courtesy of Joshua. again... he seems to be trying to make up for being busy by lobbing me with decent songs. i'm not complaining though. although it's distracting me from cleaning my piercing. damn, i keep forgetting and i can't afford for it to go gammy :\ i have sensitive skin as it is -.-

i may just have to continue watching the appalling acting of Daniel Ratcliff and feel my legs go numb because of the rediculous position in which i always sit. i never learn !!!

mmm coffeeee.. i'm so glad my addiction to it has returned completely. i missed not adoring the naughty bean. hmm, coco rocks. i really shouldn't.. but they taste so good ! but i've been munching them all day.. bugger it :\

OMG !!

i love my mom ^.^
she's relented and waved tatty bye to uber depressing news for tonight and let me watch the finale of Psychoville (': i love her i love her i love her (': i'm going to go and be deeply disturbed by the twisted, intriguing, psychologically scarring programe :D i'm feeling so terribly cheerful xD



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