Saturday, 25 July 2009

the adventuress that i haveee.

yesterday was indeed the day that myself, Daisy and Scott moseyed joyously to London. the most cosmopolitan city in the whole darn world. off did we trundle after struggling up at around 6, and therefore, as usual, i was late getting ready and so forth. but my mommy blessed me with a grand total of 100 quid. i felt so utterly rich.. it was such an immense sensation.. mmmmm.
so yes, we chugged to London part by car, then by overground which went underground. God i love those kinda lines (: they're funnn, it's like going to Hornchurch when we stay in London.. 'tis all dark then we surface like a mole into the big wide London like world :D anyway. so yes. we emerged from the smoke and random Londoners at Camden Town. my god that is the only place in the world where you can legally smoke so much crack. but it was utterly awesomeeee (: although i did bugger around for ages trying to decide whether or not to get the top of my ear pierced, which i eventually didn't. in Camden, we also found these really obscure doughnut type things that were long and straight and filled with chocolate and caramel.. utterly fatty but so delicious.. Daisy demonstrated how to eat it.. by deepthroating it, i shall put photographic evidence up when my internet allows.

so yes, Camden, town of drug addicts and utterly epic alternative produce. then down to the South bank and the Hayward art gallery.. practically ALL the exhibits included porn !! i mean seriously.. CHILDREN look at these you soul destroying, psychological scarring sadists ! it's hardly even art ! but the best exhibit was the last.. "you are a memberrrr" i'm sorry, but that chunk has to go in another blog. otherwise i will lose any inspiration i may have. so yes. intriguing and educational was the Hayward gallery..

then we bumbled down to an immense resaraunt before we went to see the show. and it was an utterly gorgeous restaraunt actually. very theatery and excentric and very awesome to be fair :D i loved our little boothy thing (: but dislike the fact that i was almost questioned as to if i should be having alcohol by the waiter. i'm 16 you inconsiderate snooty person. but yes, i did get some lovely lovely alcohol, although Daisy looked like the alchy (: then we got some cute pictures outside the restaraunt and i tripped over steps on the way to the theatre.
show was really good as well (: raving transvestites.. i love it xD and there was a manic dash to the loo as the second half started where i tripped over a load of people at the end of the line.. woops.. so all in all an utterly fantastic day in my opinion :D oh, and had a starbucks and watched a tramp die..he was actually sleeping.. not dying..

annnddd then today i did in fact get the cartilage at the top of my ear pierced ! it throbs a tad and i was being laughed at by Hinckley people oggling me outside clairs.. but bleh ! it looks hot :D although my mom doesn't know i got it done yet..i'm sure she'll love it. maybe..

anyway, i must write to my other blogs and pray a picture uploads to it :D i would loveee it if my internet could love me enough to allow it..



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