Thursday, 20 May 2010

get a grip!

well. this is annoying. i'm writing on this blog for the first time in ages 'cause i fear the person i'm on about will notice and go a-crad.
it's just this girl. she's more of an aquaintance than someone i know type thing. it's not that i don't like her, it's just that we have nothing in common. i only know her cause of my old best friend..

but basically i had to take her to this party on friday, but ever since then she thinks we're "best buds" despite the fact that i ended up talking to pretty much everyone but her. until i got slightly drunk in which case i'd have talked to anyone. she just feels the need to comment on everything and anything on facebook. she has to like EVERYTHING. it's driving me mad.
she's bland as chedder.

urghh. rant over.


that was partially because a history essay was boring the crap out'a me.
my word my ex is a prat. he looks like a proper dick! then again that suits his personality frankly... i promise i'm not bitter. he just really is a cock. tad of a man slag to say the least (:

probably the last post for a while.. until i feel the need for more privacy anyway (;


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